Weekly Happy Stats

I saw this wonderful idea of sharing good moments from your last week in Rita's alatvian blog. It's so lovely idea that I couldn't resist trying it myself!
So, here are the things that made be happy last week:
  • I finished a large necklace I've been working on whole last week
  • I finally received a wig for my mannequin that we thought was lost on the way (5 weeks travelling around the world!)
  • My Night's Rest bracelet was featured in Etsy Belle Epoque Treasury by svitrolica
  • I planted many-many colorful flowers in my balcony (hmmm, do you count mini-tomatoes as flowers?) =)))
  • I had my first Etsy sale!!!! That was the highlight of my week! I started my shop only two months ago and didn't expect it to happen so fast. I couldn't be happier! =)))
I would love to hear about your week, too! Join the Happy Stats! ;)