Going simple - two new necklaces

Recently I've been working mostly with custom orders and my Etsy store didn't have anything new to show, so I set aside some time and made couple of new necklaces in my good old simplistic design. Not too much embroidered elements, but I like going simple from time to time.
These two are very different, but both look quite impressive when you put them on with appropriate outfit.

Blue one is rather bold - I used dyed jade cabochon, Japanese seed beads and 10 mm howlite beads.

Creamy one is more delicate, as I used plenty of mother-of-a-pearl (cabochon, beads, chips) in combination with small rice freshwater pearls and tiny Japanese seed beads.
Now for my Etsy customers I offer free matching pair of earrings (worth 12 USD) with the purchase of this necklace.

Visit my Etsy store for more details.

Monday Moodboard

Flower Garden Bolero by filofashion
White Enamel Flower Hairpin by liloshop
Flower Tote by elaabags
Flower Brooch/Hair Pin by alatvian

White flowers.
A bit romantic.
And so beautiful.

For more moodboards go to fleurfatale's blog.

Wishing you all a very good week!

Appreciation - 2

This is my second post of appreciation to the people that have noticed my work. Today I would like to introduce some of their beautiful creations to you!

First one up is a very talented seed bead magician from Australia - Karyn of Releases by Rufydoof. Last week Karyn gave me my first blogger award, which I'm still very excited about. =)))
This stunning necklace, created by Karyn, has recently won Wonderfully Whimsical Award in Use the Muse competition. Once again, congratulations, Karyn!!!

Last week my Night's Rest bracelet was featured in a very beautiful and feminine treasury put together by Lorraine from trinitydj.

Lorraine creates amazing polymer clay pendants and cabochons as well as elegant beaded jewelry pieces.
I'm absolutely in love with this elephant necklace. Visit Lorraine's Etsy store to check another beautiful jewelry!

Thank you, girls, for being so great and talented! Your creations always please my eye! Keep them coming! ;)

The Vibe - Ring

New ring in my collection. Very simple, but popular, design. I'm wearing one of these myself.
This particular piece is with nice flat ocean jasper bead and bronze Japanese seed beads. It's backed with black artificial leather and set on adjustable metal base.

You can find this ring in my Etsy store.


Weekly Happy Stats

Some great things that happened during last week:

* I visited my family
* I got a bit tan while hanging in my mom's garden
* I received my first blogger award from Karyn of Releases by Rufydoof
* I found some great vintage silk beads I'm gonna use to make something fabulous
* I met couple of great and understanding customers and now I'm creating several interesting orders


Viola Tricolor - Earrings

Viola Tricolor or other known as Heartsease and Johnny Jump Up is one of my favorite small flowers. It grows wild, and also in gardens. This year I even have it in my balcony. I got inspired from the color combination and made these bright summer earrings.

Yellow rhinestones in the middle, tiny violet seed beads and 4 mm jade beads around, light ultrasuede backing and gold-plated earwires.


Judith - Pendant

One more eye-catching pendant featuring fragment of Klimt's Judith. This time I combined dark tones with gold, which gives this pendant a little bit of drama. The pendant itself is quite large 5 cm (2'') in diameter and 14 cm (5 1/2'') from top of beaded bail till bottom of the fringe. Japanese seed beads, Czech faceted glass beads, artificial leather backing, gold tone toggle clasp.

Check it closer in my Etsy store by clicking on the picture!


My Creative Space

This wonderful beading mat I found yesterday in my mail. Now even the smallest beads are not jumping all over my table anymore. If you love beading and you don't have one of those yet, you must get it - this mat made my beading life so much easier. ;)
And here is a small preview of the new necklace for my store. Hope to finish it already today.
Stay tuned! =)

For more creative spaces visit kootoyoo's blog.


Kreativ Blogger Award

Recently I was honored with my first blogger award. And I'm so full of emotions!!! This wonderful award arrived to me from a very creative blogger Karyn from Releases by Rufydoof. Karyn is a talented beadwork artist from Australia and she creates unique beaded jewelry that always excites and inspires! Her blog is very warm and welcoming. And I'm very grateful for picking my blog for this lovely award!


Here are the rules for accepting this award:
  1. Post the award on my blog.
  2. Thank the person who gave it to me.
  3. Link to the person who gave this to me.
  4. Share a list of 7 things that you probably don't know about me.
  5. Choose 7 great bloggers to give the award to.
  6. Share a link to their blogs.
  7. Leave a comment on their blog.

Seven facts that you probably didn't know about me:

1. I love growing plants. I have fitted more than 100 indoor plants in my apartment. Sounds like a jungle, huh? =))) Only two palms, though. But I have nice selection of orchids and saintpaulias. And I'm dreaming about having my own winter garden some day.

2. I graduated from Maritime Academy. And sometimes I miss my old life. Just a little bit. But I still live within 5 minute drive from the sea. And that's not gonna change.

3. I drive small funny car and we call her Greenberry.

4. I love to crochet. Especially very large and round tableclothes. I think my biggest one is over 1,5 meters in diameter.

5. I speak more than three languages.

6. I have uncontrollable passion for shoes. I make regular trips to IKEA to by more and more shoe shelves for my closet.

7. I love Frank Sinatra. He always sings while I'm creating my pieces.


There are so many great bloggers I'm following and it's really hard to choose only seven, but I would like to share this award with the following artists:

1. Fulvia of Countryfolkheart who makes the most adorable pincushions I've ever seen.

2. Binkaminka of Binkaminka's Bead Theraphy who creates the most amazing and mind-blowing epaulettes.

3. Fleurfatale who enjoys the colour and cares for the environment by making gorgeous jewelry and accessories from recycled materials.

4. Sofia-Sobeide whose crocheted creations always make me smile.

5. Yulia of Beads for Rabbit Liza who makes beautiful jewelry in various techniques.

6. Lynn of Beading Heart Art who creates seed bead miracles.

7. Swiedebie who loves pink colour and makes very cute plush monsters.



Home Sweet Home

Last night I arrived home. Exhausted, but happy. I was gone for almost a week. Spontaneous visit to my parents. Sometimes I miss them too much.
I apologize for all missed comments and delayed emails. One of the countryside beauties is computer-free life. I turned on my laptop once during whole trip to find out that my mobile Internet is not willing to work when there is so nice weather and beautiful nature outside.

I'll try to catch up!

Meanwhile enjoy a piece of nature with these lovely tulips from my sister's garden. ;)


Begonias in May - Earrings

One more pair of bright summer earrings. I was going through my treasure box and found some plastic buttons somewhere from 80's. Then I transformed them into nice cabochons and embroidered around using two colors of Japanese seed beads, added ultrasuede backing in matching color, pair of silver-plated earwires and, voila! - new pair of nice summer earrings in color of begonias in my small garden. :) Embroidered part is around 4 cm (1 5/8'') in diameter.

These look good on brunette, don't they?


Blue Blue Sky - Earrings

Eye catching summer earrings with blue agate cabochons and playful fringe. Sterling silver hooks and ultrasuede backing. Length from top of the hook till bottom of the fringe 9.5 cm (3 3/4'').


Monday Moodboard

Let's enjoy some pink flowers today!

Pink Flower Necklace form Sea Urchin Collection by staroftheeast
Pink Hydrangea Flower Card by prettypionidesigns
Lucy in The Sky bag by SaudadeStudio
Pink Felted Flower Hairclip by StormsHandicrafts

For more EST moodboards visit fleurfatale's blog!

Enjoy the mood! And have a very creative week! :)

What Happened to the Pearl Pile

In my previous Creative Space I showed you a chaotic string of pearls I was redoing for one of my loyal customers. Today I finally can show you the result of endless stringing and knotting. :) I'm so happy it's done!

I made a necklace and a bracelet. I really hope she likes the set.

Another view of the necklace.

I have one more order with green pearls to finish, but I need to gather some patience for that. =)))
Happy stringing! ;)


Weekly Happy Stats

Things that made me feel happy last week:

* Couple of very sunny and warm days;
* New flowers in my balcony;
* 40 hearts for my Etsy store;
* First picnic in the park this year;
* Already two people have entered my Summer Giveaway.

What made you happy last week?


Our Favorite Summer Place

Some new flowers...

Diva taking a tan. =)))

Mmmmmm.... Strawberry milkshakes.

And again my small furball of happiness. =)

It was very nice day, and we let ourselves to be lazy for a while. Just a little bit. =)

I wish you all a very nice and sunny weekend!!!