Chocolate 'n Raspberries Earrings

New pair of delicious summer earrings.

This time I'm also gonna show you short story of creation. Many people have been asking me about the process of bead embroidery, so, here is a sneak peak.
Hope that some day I'll be ready to prepare a master class with detailed explanations.

I apologize for the picture quality as we've had quite sad weather oven last couple of days.

And here is the ready item.

Enjoy your summer with strawberries and chocolate!



Michelle said...

I have no Idea about that process,
but the ending is simple adorable,
thanks for sharing!!!

kulta-kulta said...

Thank you very much! I'm always glad to share and help! ;)
And I love your gorgeous creations!

Rabbit Liza said...

Those ear-rings are simply gorgeous!!! Love the colors :-)

kulta-kulta said...

Thank you, Yulia! Those colours are so yummy! =) I'm thinking what else to make using same scheme.