My Creative Space

Today I'm making new bunch of tags for my jewelry. Printing... punching... printing... punching... punching... punching.... :)

Also I got some lovely felt in the mail. It's beautiful! All shades of brown.

Can't wait to put my crafty fingers on it!

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Have a creative Thursday!


Button Wednesday

I've been following Button Wednesday on kraplap's blog for a long time and this week I finally have something to show you, too.
Look at these beautiful Czech glass buttons. My good friend sent them over to me, as she knows how much I enjoy all kind of shiny things. :)

I use buttons as centerpieces for my jewelry all the time. I think these beauties will be great addition to my collection.

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Happy Wednesday!


Inspired by...

Do you remember the swap I recently participated in? If no, then let me remind you that I swapped a pair of bright bead embroidered earrings for a beautiful felted brooch by Dagmara Buczek.

I enjoy this brooch very much and wear it almost every day. And this beautiful color combo just doesn't leave my mind, so I made a pair of earrings with similar design of the ones I swapped, but in the color scheme of the brooch that I received. Sounds complicated. :)) But take a look, this is the result.

And, of course, I named them after the beautiful lady, whose creation inspired me. You can see more pictures of Dagmara Earrings and read the description here.

If you haven't tried doing swaps yet, you definitely should! They are fun and very inspirational!

Happy swapping! ;)


Enjoying knitting....

Recently I've been knitting instead of beading (bad me!), but I was really in the mood. :)
Look what I made besides the winter hat that I showed you earlier. It's a knitted bag made of same yarn as the hat, so I hope they will look great together once the cold winter days are here. I had to change the pattern couple of times until I got the desired size.

And just a pair of simple wooly socks to keep the feet warm. I haven't made a pair of socks in 8 years. Sounds scary. But I still remember how to do it. ;)

Enjoy your evening and keep your feet warm! ;)


Monday Moodboard

This week it's all about books. During the weekend I discovered a huge sale in one of my favorite book stores, and I just couldn't resist it.

Vintage iron from lapomme
Critters - laminated bookmark by movezerb
Crafting French book from voilacreations
Leather journal by Kreativlink

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And here are some books that I bought. The price range was 5-10 eur, which doesn't happen too often over here. :)

Happy Monday! And enjoy your reading! ;)


Flea Market Finds

Nothing much this time...
Just these two cute glass photo frames, which I'm gonna use for the pictures of my furry chihu-girl.

And a vintage ceramic ashtray from Germany. We don't have any smokers in the house, but I put it on the table in the balcony for our smoking guests.

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Have a nice Sunday evening!


Monday Moodboard

Yesterday I was freezing some cranberries for winter, and today I have craving for all kinds of berries. Hmmm... I think a nice berry pie might solve that. Who's in? :)

Fresh Raspberries in a Basket - 1/12 miniature by PetitPlat
thumbelina and the berry patch adventure by matchstickgirl
Fine Art Polaroid Photograph 8x8 inch - Strawberries by starrybluesky
Cranberry Pearl Cluster Bracelet by AMIdesigns

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Tasty Monday, everybody! And a wonderful creative week ahead! ;)


We Swap!

In the beginning of this month I discovered one more fun place to swap all things handmade. It's We Swap blog created by two fellow etsians Uloni and Juliani. At We Swap you can find plenty of amazing handmade things that are free for exchange.

That's exactly where I found this wonderful brooch created by Polish artist Dagmara Buczek and offered to swap it for something from my Etsy store. I got lucky as she liked my Begonias in May earrings and we decided to go for it.

By some lucky accident (miracles and mysteries of postal services) we both received the packages today. And we both are very happy with the swap!

You can see it from my face. I'm enjoying the new brooch that is gonna cheer me up during these dark autumn days. :))

I hope Daga will also upload some pictures wearing the earrings any time soon. I'll definitely share them with you! ;)

UPDATE! And here it is - picture of Dagmara wearing the earrings.

If you haven't tried swapping yet, I must say that it's really fun and positive experience! I enjoyed it and I'm definitely gonna do it again!

I hope you are enjoying your Friday evening as much as I am! ;)


My Creative Space

Time is running a bit too fast, it's Thursday again. I still haven't found my beading inspiration, so it's gonna be about my small knitting projects once again. Last week I showed you some work in progress, but now it's ready.

It's my new big silly winter hat. What do you think? Do you wear hats in winter? How does your winter hat look like?
I'm thinking of decorating it with a funky brooch. Maybe something with faux fur or just big knitted flower.

I had a bit yarn left after making the hat, so I'm knitting again.

It's gonna be a clutch to go with my hat. I've never made knitted bag before and I still need to find some decent handles. I'm thinking of round wooden handles.

But now I'm off for a major work room cleaning. Maybe that will boost my creativity. :)

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Wishing you a creative Thursday!


Monday Moodboard

Gorgeous black knits...

Black hooded poncho by LoveandKnit
Love black lace shawl by filofashion
Victorian black fingerless gloves by Ebruk
Black and silver knitted dress by subrosa123

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Have a great week! ;)


Flea Market Finds

It's Sunday and it's time for flea market finds. This week I found two treasures:

  • Netted cotton bag that I'm planning to use as a grocery shopping tote
  • Beautiful pastel painting. Unfortunately, I can't clearly see artist's signature, but the painting is dated 1967. Even the frame is in perfect condition. I really love it and I think it's gonna look nice in our living room.

Oh, and the best part, as always, is the price. 1.5 EUR for the bag and 2 EUR for the painting, which makes it 3.5 EUR (~4.5 USD) in total. Is it a great bargain or what? :))

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Enjoy your Sunday!


My Creative Space

It's been a bit slow week... I haven't been feeling very well... and my thoughts are still flying around sad things. That's why I decided to put my beading aside for a while and do some knitting. I love to knit and crochet, I just never have time for it.
Last week at My Creative Space Rita played "guess my knitwear" game. Looks like this week it's my turn. :))

Can you guess, what it's gonna be? ;)

And one more thing I wanted to share with you today is the most amazing pincushion I've ever held in my hands.
Look at this beauty!

I've decided to treat myself with something nice, as my birthday is coming up this weekend. So, yesterday I received this amazing pincushion with a vintage squirrel figurine. It's created by Rose Kepler from Pozey's Pincushion Place. Each of her pincushions is made with great attention to details and contains plenty of precious vintage treasures like figurines, buttons, beads... Take a look at her Etsy store! Maybe you will find your dream pincushion. ;)

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Wishing you a wonderful Thursday...


My Creative Space

Today in my creative space I'd like to show you my new logo.

It is created by wonderful graphic designer from Texas - Shannon Phillips. I'm so happy with the end result!

While Shannon was working on my logo, I was working on a necklace to celebrate my new image. Yesterday morning I finished it.
Here is my Butterfly Kingdom -

To create this piece I emptied the pink page of my cabochon album. Just look at these beauties - rhodonite, ocean jasper and sparkling Swarovski crystals. For more details, please, visit my Etsy store.

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Have a great Thursday!