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It's hot. I'm melting under the fan together with my small squirrel and going through my supplies looking for inspiration. Too hot to think or get inspired... :))

Found a pile of colorful glass pendants in different shapes and sizes. Some time ago I was obsessed with crocheted ropes together with these glass pendants.
Now I don't actually have use for them, so it's time to de-stash again. Soon to be listed in my supplies store.

I also want to show you some new items I made in between crazy amount of custom orders. I thought if I need to string one more pearl necklace, I'm gonna scream! These are the things that have kept me sane. :))

I've never done hair accessories before. I must say it's really fun! ;)

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European Street Team Challenge

As you all know the winner of last week's challenge is Gia from oneperfectday. She doesn't have a blog of her own yet, so this week's challenge will also be hosted on my blog.
Now I'll give the word to Gia to tell you about the new topic.

Having the great joy of picking this weeks theme and looking for a summery topic that would fit the heatwave we have been having here in Greece, my thoughts turned to swimsuits, the beach and summer colours.
So it was no contest realy: scantily clad women, brilliant summer colours and glamour as well?
It had to be a Gil Elvgren pin-up!

Gil Elvgren was one of the most popular of the pin-up artists of the 20th century with a career spaning over four and a half decades, and my personal favourite. His girls and women were not so much femme fatales as gorgeous girls-next-door, glamourous as can be with a playful glint in their eye.
Please use these images to inspire you to create what you will.
I can't wait to see what comes in.

Also a big thank you to helmitahra blog for hosting the challenge again!!

You can send your entries to oneperfectday through Etsy convo.
Good luck and great inspiration to everybody!

As many of our wonderful team members are on holiday, the new deadline for the challenge is Monday, August 9.

Here's the very first entry of the Pin-up challenge by zsazsazsu.
It's a beautiful modern, minimalistic necklace to adorn the voluptuous cleavage of our pin-up and bring her straight into the 21st century!

Our second entry is from LeelaBijou .It's the Full Of Roses necklace inspired by the red colour that Gil Elvgren favoured.
Wouldn't it look great on any pin-up?

Next entry in is helmitahra's Nobody Can Pinch Me Brooch.
She's used part of Gil Elvgren's 1946 Nobody Can Pinch Me poster, black velvet ribbon and all the appropriate pin-up trimmings to make a clever pin-up brooch!

Our next entry is by sexyhandmade.The flirty, flouncy mixed red Gil Elvegren pin-up hand cuff is appropriately embellished with a lovely red flower as well as a cocktail charm- both musts for a pin-up.

Now here comes Staroftheeast's entry Pin it up Girl Necklace brooch. Pin-up style with a twist using Barbie the original pin-up girl and genuine pin-up accesories in a startlingly original way!

The BroochBoutique has entered The Large Sparkling Black Tulle Corsage brooch. This black tulle extravaganza, complete with the necessary glittering touch of pearl and beads would be proudly added to any pin-ups wardrobe.

And here is my very own take on the pin-up: florals, stripes, polka dots, curves,reds and whites and of course ruffles! I give you the Pin-Up Purse In Reds by oneperfectday!

The following entry is Cowgirl Glamour.Bib Necklace. Fluxplay has taken a Gil Elvgren pin-up cowgirl and re-cycled her to a modern-day Western-style acessory_all the time keeping the original pin-up as well as it's freshness.

Next comes Nancyvdboom with a locket designed to rest on a pin-up's luscious cleavage.
It's double-sided and it has two tiny oil paintings of -what else- a pin-up! Two long pin-up legs on one side and a signature red pin-up pout on the other.

The following entry is Toosis' Gold Coated Silver Ring With Black Onyx And Pearl. Our first ring entry to grace the beautiful pin-up's hands and add to the glamour girl's sparkle.

And next is alatvian with her entry- Your Majesty- a pair of gold and crystal earings that dangle and shimmer. Another touch of allure for our pin-up.

Up next is Yellow crochet Roses Hairpins by creationsbyeve.
Bright yellow crocheted roses modelled by our very own pin-up herself. What a great pin-up accessory!

One more entry for our challenge comes from nauli. It's a handmade cd case titled Kiss From A Pin-Up Girl in a typical pin-up combination of red and white and sealed with a pin-up's signature red lipstick!

Just before the closing of this challenge comes an entry by arctida. It's the Darlene necklace with citrine, garnet and rubies inspired by Gil Elvgren's Darleen pin-up and made with those plunging pin-up cleavages in mind.

100 posts and 61 follower! Giveaway time!

I can't believe it's already 100th post time! And I also have 61 wonderful follower! I think it's a great occasion to celebrate. Don't you think?
I decided to have a giveaway. This time the prize is gonna be a bit different. Actually, the winner can pick the prize on her/his own. It can be any item from my Etsy store for up to 30 USD.

It's easy to participate! Go to my store, come back with your favorite item and leave a comment under this post. If you don't have a blog, don't forget to leave your e-mail address, so I can contact you.
Everyone is welcome to take part! I will ship the selected item worldwide.

The winner will be drawn randomly on Tuesday, August 10.

Thank you, guys, for being so wonderful! Thanks for all your warm comments and great support!


And the winner is...

It was such an honor to host last week's challenge! All entries are stunning! Each of them is so thoughtful and unique that it was extremely hard to pick just one. After long discussion with my man we decided to pick one of the beautiful cuffs... So, the winner is...


Unfortunately I don't know the blog address the next challenge will be hosted on, but as soon as I get reply from our winner, I'll let you know. ;)

I would like to thank all of you, wonderful participants, for the time and effort that you put in this challenge! You are great, guys! Love you all!!!


Monday Moodboard

I'm home! I'm always happy to be home. Probably you can guess my mood. :)

Home - embroidery hoop wall art by SarahLaBu
Pillowcase with a cozy home by secdus
Home sweet home canvas pouch by Happybee
Home slippers by SmilingKnitting

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Have a fantastic week!


Holiday mode info

I'm off to my short holiday! I'll be back on Sunday, but I'm taking my laptop with me to stay connected. ;) No worries, I'll try to post EST challenge entries at least once a day.

Both of my Etsy stores are gonna be open, and all orders placed during this week will be shipped on Monday, July 26.

I hope the weather won't disappoint us. :)
Baltic states, here I come!


European Street Team Challenge

Wow! This was unexpected! For the first time I won the EST challenge. Last week it was hosted by wonderful Staroftheeast. Big thanks to you and your friend for picking my diving turtle! ;)

Now I know how hard it is to pick a fun and challenging theme. I believe picking a winner will be even harder! :))
As I'm still in a mood for a great vacation this week's topic is gonna be...

In the Magic Castle

Photo credit to Robert D Bruce

Let's travel all around the world (or maybe just to the corner of own dreams) and visit old and majestic castles of different periods, countries and styles. I would like to see anything related to the castle - maybe a beautiful princess who lives in it, or a unique piece of furniture in one of the rooms, or a beautiful garden around it, or maybe something that is happening inside the castle, or just the building itself. Wherever your imagination takes you.

To enter the challenge you have to be a member of European Street Team and the item has to be newly listed. You can send your entries through convo on Etsy or via e-mail. No other restrictions apply! Just let your imagination fly! ;)

I'll be waiting for your beautiful entries!

The winner will be announced on Monday, July 26, after 22:00 (UTC +02:00)



Let's welcome the first entry! It's a Delicate white necklace by zsazsazsu1963. This fragile necklace was inspired by castle of Chenonceau that Sandra visited last month.

The second entry is a pair of original pinback buttons by SoleDeVita. Solvita used two entrance tickets to Bauska Castle in Latvia to make these lovely Key of the Castle buttons.

The third entry comes from Kreativlink, and it's Magic Castle - Journal, Notebook, Diary. I already see a beautiful princess writing her secret diary in this romantic journal. :)

The next entry, which is already number four, arrived from Riga, from sexyhandmade. Please, welcome Emerald Queen - adjustable hand cuff. It looks rich and royal. ;)

Entry number five is from oneperfectday. And we all know that there is no castle without a queen. So, the next piece for this challenge is The White Queen Cuff.

The sixth entry is a very intriguing Magic Castle - crocheted bracelet cuff with brain coral and pearls by staroftheeast. Sand castles are also magic! ;)

The seventh entry comes from kraplap and it is Dark Battlements Necklace. The sewn-together buttons resemble a row of battlements on the castle. But my man said it looks like a shiny armor. :)

Welcome to new home, Hammie!

Today I received the cutest little package from lovely Swee of Swiedebie.

Inside the package was my new little friend - Hammie. He's gonna live in my purse and guard the keys to the house. :)

Package was full of nice things, Swee always pays great attention to details and all her creations are full of love and positive vibes.

Thank you so much, Swee! Hammie is feeling fine after the trip and we both send you big warm hugs!

Swee is offering free worldwide shipping on all items in her fabulous store till July 28! Don't miss out on this great offer! Visit her store here!


Monday Moodboard

I'm in a weird mood today...
Check out yourself! ;)

Fort tower print by emelephotography
Miniature journal by TeoStudio
Teodolinda pendant by marcomargo
Purple nunofelt silk dress by ingermaaike

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Have a great week!


Mermaid necklaces in my Etsy store

Variety of mermaid necklaces now available in my Etsy store.

Seed beads, stone beads, glass pearls... Pick your favorite! ;)


The Dive Pendant and EST Challenge

Let me start from far away... One of my favorite seed bead artists is Heidi Kummli. She creates amazing beadwork pieces inspired by nature and Native American culture. In one of recent Bead and Button magazines there was Heidi's tutorial on bead embroidered bracelet with rubber animals. I've always wanted to create something with same feel and charm.

And then when I saw this week's theme for European Street Team challenge I couldn't resist trying to create something fun and a bit different.
So, here is the pendant I made for the Animal challenge hosted by wonderful Star of the East.

I called this piece The Dive. It has large fan shaped bamboo stone cabochon, small oval carnelian cabochon, variety of Japanese seed beads and rubber turtle from my nephew's toy box. ;) He was very generous and sacrificed the turtle for artistic purpose. :)
The pendant is backed with artificial leather and it hangs from brown twisted silk rope. First I thought to add some fringe to it, but the pendant turned out to be quite large and fringe would just make it too heavy.

I'm quite satisfied with the result, and I have more rubber and ceramic animals in my stash to put in the beadwork. :)

You can check all entries of European Street Team weekly challenge here.
Good luck to all the participants! ;)


Monday Moodboard

Good morning everyone!
How are you today?
Here is my mood...

Globe ring by LAccentNou
I Promise You A Rose Garden... bag by StarBags
Old memories print by sunshineartdesign
Flower brooch by alatvian

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Flea Market Finds

This week was full of beautiful finds for me. I visited local flea market and now I'll show you what I actually brought home.

I found this gorgeous cotton fabric and fell in love with the print. Those flowers have stolen my heart. Originally it's a curtain, but I think I'm gonna make some decorative pillows from it. And it cost me 2.5 EUR (around 3 USD for) 3.55 meters long and 75 centimeters wide piece. It's perfect for making pillows! :)

Then I also bought this vase. Something felt so familiar about it. I think there used to be one similar to this in my parents' house in my childhood. It has a stamp on the bottom that says that it's made in Cmielow porcelain factory in Poland.

I also bought a set of plates with lovely flowers.

I love simple English style. All are in perfect condition, and the best part is that they were only 0.5 EUR (~0.65 USD) a piece.

Here are all my treasures together. Don't pay attention to the pink reflection that comes from the fabric. :)

Did you have any luck with finding something nice for great price?
Please, visit Sophie to see what other beautiful things have been rediscovered this week.

Enjoy your Sunday! ;)