2010 - numbers and facts

It was a colorful and interesting year and to sum it up, I decided to put some of my little moments in writing...

So, this year I...
  1. Made some amazing new friends. Love you, guys! xo
  2. Opened 2 Etsy stores
  3. Had my first Etsy sale, total amount of sales on Etsy: 20 + 63=83
  4. Had many returning customers with challenging orders
  5. Created several new jewelry pieces... I think around 200...
  6. Started regular blogging, number of blog followers - 97
  7. Made bedroom and workroom makeovers, plus, small bathroom tuning
  8. Counted the potted plants in the house. Result - way too many
  9. Bought a sewing machine with a hope to learn to sew
  10. Had a visit from a close friend for whole weekend, which made me very happy
  11. Celebrated Liisa's second birthday
  12. Spent many hours flea market shopping
  13. Spent even more hours cooking delicious meals for my loved ones
  14. Visited my family as often as possible
  15. Read many inspiring books
  16. Started new family business
  17. Discovered a good Chinese restaurant
  18. Enjoyed summer walks at the seaside
  19. Discovered new things about myself
I hope you had a wonderful year! And even better year is coming!

Happy New Year, dear friends!

See you next year! ;)


Inspiration received! :)

Today a real New Year's miracle happened. I received two wonderful books from Katri, who is a talented artist and a great friend. She decided to be my winter fairy this year and sent me something so great and inspirational.
Both books are autographed, which makes them even more special.

I've been admiring the work of Anna and Tatiana for years and now they have shared their knowledge and great sense of style with all of us.

Thank you, Katri, for this wonderful gift! I'm so happy and excited! My inspiration is slowly coming back to me...


A bit of Christmas Decorations

I love winter holidays. And I also love decorating the house for Christmas. Here is a little peak at our this year's decorations.

In the entrance reindeer farm is greeting all our visitors.

These red glass balls I brought from my parents' house. They have always been a part of Christmas in my childhood.

Kitchen entrance and a bit of greens. :)

Blooming hyacinth with absolutely crazy smell is living on the kitchen table.

And, of course, the Christmas tree with all the beautiful toys and lights.

And Santa hiding under...

I hope you had a great time during Christmas and there is still magic New Year's night to look forward to.

Happy Holidays, my lovelies!
May your home be filled with love, joy and laughter!

Warm hugs!

It's feedback like this that keeps me going...

I'm feeling inspired and full of energy to create again! Thank you, my wonderful customers, Etsy teammates and all my cheerful supporters! At the moment I have almost 20 sales in my Etsy store and almost 100 followers at my blog. It might not look much to someone, but to me those numbers felt so unreal and unreachable, when I opened the store only 9 months ago.
I'm so happy every time, when you visit me here or just send me Good morning! messages via facebook. I enjoy having you around! And I greatly appreciate your support!

I love you all, guys! You are the best!
And I promise to have a nice giveaway here for you to celebrate, after the holiday craziness is over. Stay tuned! ;)


Monday Moodboard

Everything is white outside and the most amazing snowflakes are landing on my window sill. My mood is also white and fluffy. Why not to wear some beautiful snowflakes this winter?

Waiting for the Snow Storm - Pearl and Black Lip Shell Necklace by staroftheeast
Hat Elletra in off white Silk Merino Cashmere by nauliknits
Snowflake necktie, lariat, scarf by Ayca
Snowflake Messenger Bag by P8Accessories

More MM at fleurfatale's.

Have a great and snowy week! ;)


Flea Market Finds

Here is my late flea market find post. Yesterday we spent half day wandering around beautiful town of Hamina, which is in 20 minute drive from here. We also visited local Christmas market, where I found this bell on the table full of all kinds of vintage metal goodies.

What nice things did you find this week?

For more flea market finds, visit Sophie at Her Library Adventures.


Saturday Shopping Day

What's new in my Etsy store this week?

Winter Sea Goddess - brooch. If you love labradorite stone and calm colors, take a look at this dreamy lady.

A bit of luxury... Colors of India - bead embroidered brooch with beautiful blue sapphire.

And Statement Ring with even more blue sapphire, vintage Swarovski crystal and freshwater pearl - Something Borrowed Something Blue.

Join us for Saturday Shopping at zsazsazsu!

Have a nice evening!


What's in your bag?

I found this really cool flickr group through Sophie at Her Library Adventures. Almost 20'000 of people have already shared the contents of their bags. We all are curious by nature, aren't we? :)

Want to know what's in my big bag today?

From left to right
Old leather gloves - gift from my aunt
Red wallet - also a gift
Business card case
Pocket mirror - Matis
Home keys with Hammie the hamster - Swiedebie
Bag of snack nuts for me and Hammie :)
Pen, pencil, sketchbook, planner - Paper Blanks
Car keys and Mr Mouse - Me To You
Ion Hairbrush - Panasonic (saves me from disastrous hairdos)
Scissors in pouch (made by me)
Cosmetic bag - Lireca
Mascara, lip gloss, lip gloss again, nail polish, perfume, nail file with initial
Mobile phone

What does my bag say about me? Hmmm... Probably that I carry around way too much stuff. :) Good that I took my beading box and three different kinds of glue out of my bag yesterday. That would have been weird. :)

What does your bag say about you? ;)


My Creative Space

For past three days I've been playing snowflake factory. I pulled out my copy of Sandra's Snowflake book and started beading again. (Two free snowflake patterns by Sandra D Halpenny available here) I've been making these wonderful snowflakes every Christmas for past three years. And guess what, I don't have even one of my own. They all got picked off our Christmas tree by my friends and relatives. So, this year I've decided to send some snowflakes along with Christmas cards, so they leave my tree alone. :)

Still long way to go...

Have you already started decorating for the holidays?
I pulled some decorations out of the closet last weekend...

Now I can burn candles in the work room and enjoy the warm light.

Meet my reindeer farm. I love this metal reindeer mobile that is now hanging between the living room and entrance. And those couple of bright dots on blue in the background are star lights in the bedroom.
It's dark and cold in Finland, so we're trying to cheer up with early Christmas decorations. :)

This week there is no Creative Space post at kootoyoo and the next one will be only in January, but I think I'll still keep posting My Creative Space.

Enjoy your evening!


Monday Moodboard

19 Days till Christmas...

Set Of Three Polymer Clay Figurines by HeartshapedCreations
Tiny Red Mittens, Christmas Decor or Pin by happyment
Frosted berries - Christmas - winter wreath by kaleda
Father Chris Mouse by TheHouseOfMouse

More MM at fleurfatale's.

Are you as excited as I am? :)


My Christmas Wishlist

New Design - Knitter MI...

Hand felted Dahlia Flow...

Verticle Three Small to...

Bunny Surprise Tea Cup

Fantastic Green Ring

Blue Leather Grab Bag

Balanced - 14 - Mini ar...

Vintage Woven San Migue...

Little pocket brownie

FREE SHIPPING - When li...

dont stomp your foot ...

Art Brooch Tree Origina...

CHAMPAGNE embellished...


Turqoise crochet beads ...

Handmade plush bunny to...

Generated using Treasury HTML code generator by Whale Shark Websites.

This is my Christmas wish list. Thank you, Sole, for the great idea!

Mr T, this is a hint for you. Please, take a close look. ;)


Flea Market Finds

It's Sunday again, and I have some interesting finds to show you.
I haven't been flea market shopping for a while, but this week I decided to try my luck again. Surprisingly I found two things that I've been looking for during past two years.

First thing is great vintage porcelain butter dish. Perfect condition, no chippings or scratches. It has letter Z stamped on the bottom, and I'm still trying to identify the maker.

My other find of this week, which I'm very happy about, is this table mirror.

I've been looking for a mirror like this for over two years, but all I've found before have been in bad condition, repainted or way over my budget. But now I'm a proud owner of this wonderful piece, made in Finland, 50-60 years old. It's in perfect condition, clean from inside, no missing parts, no scratches. I couldn't be any happier!

If you'd like to see other Flea Market Finds of the week, visit Sophie at Her Library Adventures or check out Flea Market Find Flickr pool!

This week I also joined Thrift Share Monday at Apron Thrift Girl.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Saturday Shopping

It's Saturday again and it means that we go shopping together with Sandra from zsazsazsu.

I haven't posted too many new items this week in my Etsy store, as I was busy creating two very special goddesses for a wonderful lady from France, who makes gorgeous rings with vintage finds.

Here are my newest items...

Sweet Gingerbread Couple to wear on your favorite warm sweater.

All sparkling and shining Silver Peacock Barrette to brighten up your New Year's party. And you can wear it in so many different ways.

Black pendant with gorgeous fan shaped agate and cute faux fur skirt.

Enjoy your Saturday Shopping! Only 21 days till Christmas! ;)