What's in your bag?

I found this really cool flickr group through Sophie at Her Library Adventures. Almost 20'000 of people have already shared the contents of their bags. We all are curious by nature, aren't we? :)

Want to know what's in my big bag today?

From left to right
Old leather gloves - gift from my aunt
Red wallet - also a gift
Business card case
Pocket mirror - Matis
Home keys with Hammie the hamster - Swiedebie
Bag of snack nuts for me and Hammie :)
Pen, pencil, sketchbook, planner - Paper Blanks
Car keys and Mr Mouse - Me To You
Ion Hairbrush - Panasonic (saves me from disastrous hairdos)
Scissors in pouch (made by me)
Cosmetic bag - Lireca
Mascara, lip gloss, lip gloss again, nail polish, perfume, nail file with initial
Mobile phone

What does my bag say about me? Hmmm... Probably that I carry around way too much stuff. :) Good that I took my beading box and three different kinds of glue out of my bag yesterday. That would have been weird. :)

What does your bag say about you? ;)



Nancy van den Boom said...

I will make a picture of it too soon, Jana.
I am not sure what it says about me....;-)
Nice to see your stuff!

Helmitarha said...

It was really weird to unload it all on the table. I just realized how much stuff I actually carry with me. Hmmm... Need to switch to a smaller bag. :)
I would love to see your stuff, dear! ;)

ayawedding said...

great creations and things to carry:)