Flea Market Finds

It's Sunday again, and I have some interesting finds to show you.
I haven't been flea market shopping for a while, but this week I decided to try my luck again. Surprisingly I found two things that I've been looking for during past two years.

First thing is great vintage porcelain butter dish. Perfect condition, no chippings or scratches. It has letter Z stamped on the bottom, and I'm still trying to identify the maker.

My other find of this week, which I'm very happy about, is this table mirror.

I've been looking for a mirror like this for over two years, but all I've found before have been in bad condition, repainted or way over my budget. But now I'm a proud owner of this wonderful piece, made in Finland, 50-60 years old. It's in perfect condition, clean from inside, no missing parts, no scratches. I couldn't be any happier!

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This week I also joined Thrift Share Monday at Apron Thrift Girl.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Susan L (lily40au) said...

I admire your patience. I'm learning the same thing as well. I doesn't pay to settle because you seem to find what you're looking for in the end, as long as yu're patient.
My Flea Market Find

Helmitarha said...

Thank you, Susan!
I know for sure that if you want something to be perfect, it takes a lot of time and patience. But in the end it's totally worth it! ;)

Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Very good.

Alison said...

All good things come to those who wait.

That is the sweetest butter dish.

zigsma said...

Love the butter dish and the mirror is just gorgeous! Patience is a virtue. And rewards you with a table mirror!!

zsazsazsu said...

great finds ! Lucky girl !

JeTaimeVintage said...

That mirror is beautiful! Your so lucky!

Alyssa said...

Pretty butter dish, and I just love those mirrors. What great finds!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Your finds are so beautiful. Would you consider doing an interview about thrifting in Finland? I have a popular thrifting blog in the states and I think myself and many of my readers would love to learn more about thrifting in Finland. Also please feel free to post this my Thrift Share Monday party.