Monday Moodboard

Today I'm in the mood for dollies. I just received the newest member of my doll family and she's absolutely gorgeous! You can soon meet her at my other blog - My Doll Cabinet.

Other wonderful moodboards at staroftheeast.

Have a good week! ;)


Flea Market Finds

Nothing much in my Flea Market Finds this week. Just a cute little (actually, not so little) Moomin. Saw him yesterday at the thrift store and just couldn't walk by. So, he came home with me. He still needs good washing and grooming, but after that he'll keep me company in my coming workroom. :)

You can check more of flea market finds at Her Library Adventures.

Have a nice Sunday evening! ;)


New stones

Postman brought a package today with 2 new beautiful stones. I love carved cabochons and pendants as they make great and eye-catching focals.

Delicate tourmaline flower and fun agate owl.If you like any particular stone from my collection and it's available, you can always order a custom jewelry piece with it. ;)
I've recently been in a mood for stone shopping. More beauties coming soon!


Monday Moodboard: New Beginning

I haven't been beading and blogging for a while (since last autumn), as life has been pretty busy and hectic over here. We're still in the middle of my workroom renovation and I wish there would be couple of extra hours per day to manage everything.
The truth is - I really missed you, guys! And I've decided to free a bit time for the things I love - beading, blogging and chatting with you. So, here is a fresh Monday Moodboard that symbolizes the New Beginning.

More MM at staroftheeast.

And here is a shot from my coming craftroom.

Scary, huh? When the renovation started, we discovered that we didn't have even one straight surface to start with, so everything had to come out. Instead of 2-week reno it turned into a total nightmare. New walls, ceiling, floor, insulation, wiring... Many sleepless nights and restless weekends...
But I believe in a new beginning, as I can finally see the end of this. I really hope to be in my room by the end of spring. Decorate, arrange, create... My own space has been a long-time dream. And I can't wait!

I would love to hear, what you've been up to all this time!