Thrifty Sunday

I just had the most amazing trip to my favorite thrift shop (actually, two of them). :)) I was lucky to spot some amazing things for my new workroom and also couple of little knick-knacks for my dollies.

Allow me to introduce you to my new love - vintage handpainted sewing box from 1943.

Flea market finds

I love-love-love all the amazing details. I think this is the best find of the year. 

Flea market finds

I also got some nice wooden trays from old jewelry store, postcards, little beach chair for my dollies and two mini metal candlesticks.

Flea market finds

And here are the trays in action. I will use them to store my stone collection.

Trays in action

Have you recently found anything cool at the flea market?


I'm back...

Hello, my dearies,

I am finally back to blogging and I have some good news - after almost a year my workroom is almost ready, I just moved in couple of days ago and I'm already back to beading. 

Here is a little fun brooch that I made just yesterday. :)

And here is another thing that I'm currently working on. Do you recognize the beautiful painting by my very talented friend Nancy? ;)

I hope I can dedicate more time for my beading from now on. And I finally have a real place for it. Yay! 

I am not going to show you much of my new room quite yet, as many things still need to be finalized, but I will show you a little corner of my beading table just for a little taste. :)

What do you think about my crazy wallpaper? :D I decided to make it really bright and fun, but still stick to some classic shapes. Love-love-love those funky tulips! 

More photos coming soon!

Oh, I missed you all so much!