I'm back...

Hello, my dearies,

I am finally back to blogging and I have some good news - after almost a year my workroom is almost ready, I just moved in couple of days ago and I'm already back to beading. 

Here is a little fun brooch that I made just yesterday. :)

And here is another thing that I'm currently working on. Do you recognize the beautiful painting by my very talented friend Nancy? ;)

I hope I can dedicate more time for my beading from now on. And I finally have a real place for it. Yay! 

I am not going to show you much of my new room quite yet, as many things still need to be finalized, but I will show you a little corner of my beading table just for a little taste. :)

What do you think about my crazy wallpaper? :D I decided to make it really bright and fun, but still stick to some classic shapes. Love-love-love those funky tulips! 

More photos coming soon!

Oh, I missed you all so much!



KJ said...

Welcome back. Love those colors in the wallpaper; can't wait to see more.

Julia said...

Glad you are back :-) The wallpapers look really nice, love the colours :-)

Helmitarha said...

KJ, Julia, thank you! The wallpaper combines all my favorite colors. :)