The White Tie

One of my recent pieces. I've always wanted to make something quite formal, but eye catching to go with a blouse and suite. I think this is quite good option.

Howlite and cat's eye cabochons, crystal bicones, Japanese seed beads, white artificial leather backing.

Oh, and I'm absolutely in love with this style of rope. I used matt seed beads, which make the rope very "crunchy" like frosty winter day.

Back in time

This is quite old necklace, but I didn't have a good photo of it. So, I finally got a chance to take a decent picture of my "Red Kite".
Here it is... Tigereye, cat's eye and glass cabochons, freshwater pearls, copper elements and Japanese seed beads. Brown artificial leather backing, adjustable clasp.

Marshmallow addict

Made this last weekend. I got the colour inspiration from a huge pack of marshmallows, which we grilled during romantic picnic on the living room floor. Great time! =)

Rose quartz cabochons, Japanese seed beads in various colours, sizes and finishes. Adjustable metal base and cute pink ultrasuede backing.

Back at home

I'm back. It has been a long time due to all kinds of troubles and happenings. But it looks I'm gonna have more free time for my beadworks. And that's great!

Today in my mail I found a very poofy envelope from a nice lady named Dorothy. Now I have a whole new bunch of ultrasuede straps for even more colourful and funky cuffs. Check back soon, 'cause I'm gonna be hiding in my workroom for the next couple of days.

Aren't these colours fantastic?!