Back at home

I'm back. It has been a long time due to all kinds of troubles and happenings. But it looks I'm gonna have more free time for my beadworks. And that's great!

Today in my mail I found a very poofy envelope from a nice lady named Dorothy. Now I have a whole new bunch of ultrasuede straps for even more colourful and funky cuffs. Check back soon, 'cause I'm gonna be hiding in my workroom for the next couple of days.

Aren't these colours fantastic?!


Olivia said...

Such beautiful colors, Where can I buy them ?

kulta-kulta said...

I bought them on e-bay. You can try to search for "ultrasuede". These are quite small pieces. If no luck, I can give you the name of the seller, just drop me an e-mail and I'll look it up for you.