Hello! My name is...

Today we had a quite evening with couple of friends and, of course, a discussion on how to name my pretty lady, as it's time to end the giveaway.
All suggested names are nice. And after long debate we decided to vote. The votes spread quite equally as everyone had own preferences, but the winner with 3 votes in total is Fran├žoise suggested by lovely cri-cri. So, now there is one fancy French lady living in my work room. ;)

Congratulations, cri-cri! You will receive a bag full of goodies for your beautiful creations!
Please, send me your address via e-mail.

The rest of you who didn't win this time, don't get upset, as there are another fun giveaways coming soon!

Wishing you all a peaceful evening!


Mail is here!

Today I received some great things in the mail.

First of all, I would like to thank fabulous Kathryn from Our Shabby Cottage for the beautiful gift she sent me. I was the 200th follower of her blog and she made me this fantastic door stopper.
It's so me!

Some of you already know that we've decided to change our city apartment to a small country cottage. We'we been viewing potential houses for last several months. We even found one that seemed perfect and even managed to fall in love with it, but then we discovered that the dream house is growing five different types of mold in the basement, plus, two more in the attic. And that's a bit too much even for us. :) So, we're still searching. And when we find the one, this amazing door stopper will be perfect start for decorating the whole house! Thank you, Kathryn, I love it!
Check out Kathryn's Etsy store, as she has plenty of great things there!

Besides the gift from Kathryn I found couple of more nice things in the mail today, like these embroidery scissors I ordered a while ago.

And also a bit of treasures for my future projects.

I still don't know what I'm gonna do with the fishes... Hmmm... Maybe you have any great ideas. ;)
I love getting new things! Especially the ones made with love!


Monday Moodboard

I'm feeling like baking a fruitcake today.

Rainbow Sweetness earrings by PetitPlat
Cotton reusable sandwich bag by fabricute
Half kiwi fruit coasters by sabahnur
Pomegranates artisan lampwork beads by ALEALE

Fore more of fresh Monday Moodboards go to Fleurfatale's place!

What mood are you in today? ;)
Have a great and fruity week!


EST weekly challenge - Out of the Space

This week I decided to take part in European Street Team Weekly Challenge. Last week's winner SoleDeVita picked a wonderful theme - Out of the Space, and it was hard to stay away from this mysterious topic.

Here is my entry - Blue Galaxy - Brooch

You can check other entries in Solvita's blog.


My new supplies store on Etsy

During the years I've accumulated a room full of beading supplies. As the room is not planning to grow bigger, I've decided to share some of my supplies with other crafty beading addicts. It's gonna be hard, but I simply don't have enough hours in a day to use all of my finds.

You are welcome to visit my new supply store helmitarhasupplies.etsy.com , I'm gonna be adding more items soon. I hope you can find something you like and put it in good use.


Amazing gifts

This summer I've been participating in a secret swap on one of the beading pages I visit time to time. I received a package from Kazakhstan from wonderful girl Eugenia, and it was filled with all kind of goodies. Just look at the picture.

I got beautiful earring and necklace set, magically blue lariat necklace with brooch (how thoughtful knowing that I'm a brooch addict), cute little beaded panda, plenty of stone beads and glass cabs, handmade polymer clay pendant, two magnets with local scenery and two very tasty chocolates (one was already eaten before the picture was taken).
I'm so excited! Secret swaps are great idea! I love surprises!
Now I hope that my package finally reaches the destination.

You can check Eugenia's beadwork album here.

Do you like to take part in any kind of swaps?


My Creative Space

This week I've been a little bit obsessed with organizing places, and to keep things in order I made experimental case for my scissors.

It's simple, but it does what it's supposed to do. And, of course, I couldn't avoid at least a bit of bead embroidery. =)

After major cleaning in my workroom I discovered plenty of great supplies I didn't even know I have. Actually, the amounts scare me a little, and I'm thinking about destashing some. Do you have any experience with that?

And I also wanna show you small corner of new project I'm working on.

Something white and fluffy. =) Something I don't normally do, but I found instructions in one of the blogs I read and I couldn't resist trying. Hopefully I have enough patience to finish it.

For more great creative spaces go to Kirsty's place.


Monday Moodboard

Today I'm in the mood to organize things. ;)

Ingrid - bloomy pouch by MoiEtMoa
Tea Bag Wallet by MamiMadeIt
Necessaire a Couture by Lamercerie
Heart Pin Cushion by binkaminka

For more lovely moodboards go to Fleurfatale's blog.

Have a great and well-organized week! ;)


New earrings

Three pairs of new earrings in my Etsy store available now. All different, all pretty. ;)
Let me introduce you...

Lemon Sunshine

Juicy slices of lemon with olive jade beads, Japanese seed beads, mild green ultrasuede backing and silver-plated surgical steel hooks.

Missing Fall

Warm earthy tone, red jasper cabochons, cute leaf drops. For those of you, who loves and misses autumn.

Turquoise Brunch

Bright and playful. Turquoise beads, Japanese seed beads, sterling silver hooks, bright ultrasuede backing.

Which ones do you like the most? ;)


Working on orders...

Recently I've been working on custom orders for one of my wonderful customers. So, here's what I've made this far.

A bracelet with real leather and fragment of Mucha's beautiful art.

A ring with picasso jasper to match the pendant she bought earlier.

And turquoise earrings with sterling silver posts to accompany previously purchased bracelet.

I really hope she likes at least something so I can finally mail them and focus on creating couple of new things for my Etsy store.


Pop Quiz

I'm having a giveaway here, and the task is to figure out a name for my lady. Panda suggested to call her Miss Violet, which caused great deal of laugh in the house, as recently we've been watching some old TV-series and this quote immediately came to our minds: "It's my sister Violet. The one with the Mercedes, sauna and room for a pony". =)))

So, here is a quick quiz for you...

1) What TV-series is this this quote from?
2) Can you name all four floral sisters?
3) What street do the main characters live on?

The first person to answer all three questions and leave a comment under this post will get the set of two faceted agate rings, and I'll post them anywhere in the world for free.

You can wear these on your finger or use as scarf rings, or maybe you can figure out some another way to put them to work. ;)
Good luck to all!

UPDATE: Sofia has answered the questions right and she gets the rings. Congratulations!


My Creative Space

I've been up to many interesting things lately.
I've done some experimental crocheting. Still don't know how I feel about the result.

That's supposed to be a brooch. ;)

Then I've also been shopping, both online and at local craft stores. I found myself new sketch book from renovation sale in nearest bookstore. It's great - very comfy and made entirely of recycled paper.

Some of my online purchases arrived in the mail yesterday. Whole treasure chest of colorful beads. Now I need to turn on my imagination! =)

Hmmm... Have you ever seen beads in vacuum packaging? It was the first time for me.

And, of course, I've started a new bead embroidery project. It's a pendant. Very red pendant. =)

For more fantastic creative spaces visit Kirsty's blog.
Have a great Thursday! ;)

Who am I? - Giveaway

I have some good news for you, my craft addicted friends! I'm hosting a new giveaway, and this time it's a bit different.
First of all, there is a task. I've noticed that my mannequin I purchased a while ago still doesn't have a name. And that's not good. Everybody needs a name, right? So, I want you to help me to figure out the name for this lovely lady.

This time the prize is also quite creative - a nice selection of stone and wood beads and cabs (including tigereye, zebra stone, picasso jasper, goldstone) in all shades of brown. You can use them to make some nice jewelry or for any other craft project. The winner will get everything in this picture and I'll post it free of charge anywhere in the world.

So, to enter the giveaway leave a comment under this post. Write there suggested name, your name and your e-mail address (if you are not a blog owner). One person can suggest up to two names.

I'll pick the best name together with my family in the evening of June 30. Good luck to all! I'm waiting for your entries! You can go classy, romantic or even funky!

Oh, I'm so excited! ;)


Monday Moodboard

The Dying Swan bracelet by kraplap
Lady in red greeting card by thespottedsparrow
Dance of Lovers necklace by kirevi8
Native - long leather bracers with corset style closure by vaisto

Today I have very playful mood. Let's go dancing! ;)

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New pinks for my store

Couple of new pink items for my Etsy store.
First one up - On a Pretty Pink Cloud Necklace. Rose quartz cabs, Swarovski flatback crystals, Japanese seed beads, glass and rose quartz beads. Light and gentle.

And one more tiny pink cutie is cat eye key-chain.

I think pink is a nice color for summer.


My Creative Space

My new seed bead storage equipment arrived yesterday. And it's brilliant! Last week I ordered Bead Tube Tower by The Bead Smith and finally it's here. Normally I store my seed beads in tubes and plastic containers in the drawer, but I've come to the point when they started to outgrow the drawer and conquer another spaces. I think this tower is a great solution to my problem. It's compact, but at the same time it holds up to 138 small tubes or 69 large ones.

You can put it vertically on your table or make it flat and hide it in the drawer. And I like that now I can see all my seed bead color option at the same time.

The tower came with a handy traveling pouch. And the price was great! I ordered mine from The Bead Cellar.

I also want to show you the result of playing with stones in My previous Creative Space.
It's not exactly what I planned as I wanted to add some color to the tigereye, but the stone was too stubborn and didn't want any competition, so I was forced to stick to safe monochromatic option.

Soon it will be available in my Etsy store.

For more creative spaces this week be sure to visit Kirsty's blog.


Monday Moodboard

Last weekend we went to a house show. It was old white wooden house. With a very special charm. I think I'm in love. And this is my mood... Things that will perfectly fit in the dream house.

The White Apple Pincushion by lapomme
The Big Lavender Bag Herbal Cushion by lapomme
Seersucker Bubble Dress by tortillagirl
Provence Coasters by madamehoux

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Wishing you all a very nice week!