Who am I? - Giveaway

I have some good news for you, my craft addicted friends! I'm hosting a new giveaway, and this time it's a bit different.
First of all, there is a task. I've noticed that my mannequin I purchased a while ago still doesn't have a name. And that's not good. Everybody needs a name, right? So, I want you to help me to figure out the name for this lovely lady.

This time the prize is also quite creative - a nice selection of stone and wood beads and cabs (including tigereye, zebra stone, picasso jasper, goldstone) in all shades of brown. You can use them to make some nice jewelry or for any other craft project. The winner will get everything in this picture and I'll post it free of charge anywhere in the world.

So, to enter the giveaway leave a comment under this post. Write there suggested name, your name and your e-mail address (if you are not a blog owner). One person can suggest up to two names.

I'll pick the best name together with my family in the evening of June 30. Good luck to all! I'm waiting for your entries! You can go classy, romantic or even funky!

Oh, I'm so excited! ;)



Releases by Rufydoof said...

The name I choose is ''Lucky'' because she gets to wear all your gorgeous creations before they are sent out into this big world to be sold.


Pastiche said...

Don't know why but "Jezebelle" came to mind

Panda said...

Miss Violet.

Thanks for coming over and following my blog, too. I had a look at your Etsy store and your jewelery is just divine.

Rabbit Liza said...

Hi Jana :-) I see her as Paulina..do not know why but it what came to my head when i first sew her in your posts :-D


Helmitarha said...

Oh, so many good names. I think it's gonna be really hard to choose.

cri-cri said...

she looks as 'une Parisienne' and so I think 'Fran├žoise' will be a good name for here ...