European Postcard Swap

Hurray!!! I received a very beautiful postcard today!!!
It arrived from the Netherlands in a bright turquoise envelope. I was surprised to find out that the sender is lovely Swiedebie.

The card has so many nice details that I was exploring it for good 15 minutes. I love the soft tree! And cute flowers, birdies, butterflies... and a ladybug! And all the good wishes Swee sent me!

That is the cutest and warmest card I've ever received! Now it lives on the top of tool holder in the middle of my table. Thank you so much, Swee! It really touched me.

Can't wait to see all the other swap cards. This has been so joyful experience!



Swiedebie said...

Yayyyy! I am so happy you received it safe and sound, and most of all, that you love it! :D

Helmitarha said...

Thank you once again!!! The card is fantastic! All my family loves it! =)

Ann said...

It looks so lovely! Like heaven came down to earth :)