Pop Quiz

I'm having a giveaway here, and the task is to figure out a name for my lady. Panda suggested to call her Miss Violet, which caused great deal of laugh in the house, as recently we've been watching some old TV-series and this quote immediately came to our minds: "It's my sister Violet. The one with the Mercedes, sauna and room for a pony". =)))

So, here is a quick quiz for you...

1) What TV-series is this this quote from?
2) Can you name all four floral sisters?
3) What street do the main characters live on?

The first person to answer all three questions and leave a comment under this post will get the set of two faceted agate rings, and I'll post them anywhere in the world for free.

You can wear these on your finger or use as scarf rings, or maybe you can figure out some another way to put them to work. ;)
Good luck to all!

UPDATE: Sofia has answered the questions right and she gets the rings. Congratulations!



Sofia-Sobeide said...

Hopefully it is okay to use google as a helper :).

It is from "Keeping up appearances"
The floral sisters are Hyacinth, Violet, Daisy and Rose.
And they live on 117 Heather Road.

Love that series by the way, so funny :).

Helmitarha said...

Great answers, Sofia! The address you found is the real address of the house they were filming the series in. My question is more about the address they used in the episodes, just the street name, which is also quite floral. :)

But you get the rings anyway as your answers are right and you were the fastest one to answer. ;)

Please, e-mail me your address and the size of the rings you would like to have. I have several in stock and I'll try to accommodate your needs. ;)