Monday Moodboard

It's been raining for 2 days now and our lawn is finally getting some color. So, today my mood is green and happy. What about you?

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Have a wonderful week! ;)


Flea Market Finds

This week I have many wonderful thrifted finds to show you. I discovered two small thrift stores in the nearby town and decided to visit both of them. Here is my catch.

Two wonderful books from 70's:
Applied Art of the Middle Ages in the Collection of the State Hermitage
sweet book of the best fairytales translated in Finnish.
And I also found a cute wooden candle holder that will look great on the porch.

My next find is a pastel painting from 60's. I need to open it carefully and fix the picture in the place. Do you know, what is the most amazing thing about this painting? Remember THIS post from last September?

Tadaaaam! I have a set! How cool is that?

And now let's move on to the most exciting find of the week. I still can't believe my luck, but now I'm a proud owner of this black and shiny German typewriter from 1935. And it's in excellent condition!

Now it's official - I'm collecting old (and fabulous!) typewriters. If you haven't seen the first item of my collection, click here.

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Happy thrifting! ;)


My (messy) Creative Space

Hi dearies,

Sorry for not being with you for a while, as I was pretty occupied with our big move. We finally said "bye-bye" to the city life and made the decision to move to the countryside. And we don't regret it - the air is cleaner, people are nicer and birds just don't stop singing.

I promise to show you the house pictures as soon as we make the yard look nice again. The surroundings of the house are in a rather sad condition, everything has been abandoned by the previous owners and we need to fight the crazy wildness in the back yard and dry lawn in the front yard.

Most of the boxes are unpacked, but I'm still struggling with my workroom. At the moment I got a temporary place in the smallest bedroom in the house, while we renovate the room for my studio. I've managed to unpack 3 boxes of beads and some other supplies and I still have over 10 boxes to go. Wish me luck! ;) He-he!

And here is my tiny messy room.

Later we will turn it in a cute guest room, as it has nice view to the front yard.

Now I need to take care of this mess and turn in into my new creative space.

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Have a nice and clean day! ;)

See you soon!