My (messy) Creative Space

Hi dearies,

Sorry for not being with you for a while, as I was pretty occupied with our big move. We finally said "bye-bye" to the city life and made the decision to move to the countryside. And we don't regret it - the air is cleaner, people are nicer and birds just don't stop singing.

I promise to show you the house pictures as soon as we make the yard look nice again. The surroundings of the house are in a rather sad condition, everything has been abandoned by the previous owners and we need to fight the crazy wildness in the back yard and dry lawn in the front yard.

Most of the boxes are unpacked, but I'm still struggling with my workroom. At the moment I got a temporary place in the smallest bedroom in the house, while we renovate the room for my studio. I've managed to unpack 3 boxes of beads and some other supplies and I still have over 10 boxes to go. Wish me luck! ;) He-he!

And here is my tiny messy room.

Later we will turn it in a cute guest room, as it has nice view to the front yard.

Now I need to take care of this mess and turn in into my new creative space.

Click here to see other spaces this week.

Have a nice and clean day! ;)

See you soon!



la boom! said...

Jana congrats for the decision to move to the country! I did it myself last year and I will never regret it :)


Belinda Saville said...

Jana, I think it is so wonderful that you have moved to the countryside...I wish we could do the same! :-)

I know that the clean air and room to breathe will do you the world of good, and I wouldn't be surprised if your creativity goes wild! ;-)

I cannot wait to see more photos of your new home!


Nancy van den Boom said...

Such a lovely post, Jana!! So promising! Your temporary working space looks so nice. The fresh air will give you fresh creativity, so I am looking forward to all your new work some fine day. The singing birds are singing for you and Teemu and Liisa, how lovely! I am so happy
for you with this move! It's great to read such a happy post. Good luck with the rest of the unpacking! Nancy x

Annuk said...

Oh I am SO happy for you, dear Jana!!! I know this was a great dream of yours, and I'm sure you're going to enjoy each second of it as soon as everything is settled! I'm looking forward to seeing your garden in bloom in the summer! I'm sure little Liisa will enjoy having a garden too! :)
And as Nancy said, your temporary working space looks lovely already! Nature and open spaces are among my greatest sources of inner peace and creative inspiration... and I'm sure they will be for you too, dear Jana!
CONGRATULATIONS and enjoy!!!!!!

Helmitarha said...

Thank you for the sweet comments, lovely ladies! I really hope this house brings me a lot of inspiration and fresh ideas. I can't wait to get the workroom ready for beading. So much work! :)

zsazsazsu said...

it will become awesome I am sure !

Helmitarha said...

Thank you, Sandra!

Oh nooo! Looks like blogger has lost all the sweet comments that ladies left for me couple of days ago. Hope they solve this problem.

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Looks great Jana - already I can see your creative spark in there... looks like it's going to be a nice work area for you.

Blogger was down for a few days... it appears I lost about 8 comments on one of my threads.

Karyn ♥

Annuk said...

Dear Jana, losing comments is so sad... so here I am again :)!

I'm so happy to hear you have moved to the countryside, as I know this was a big dream of yours!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure you're going to enjoy your new home to the fullest as soon as everything is settled! And you have a garden too! Looking forward to seeing it in the summer! :) And sweet little Liisa must be SO happy to have her own garden!
Your creative space already looks very nice! I'm sure you're going to find lots of joy and creative inspiration in your new environment -- nature is SOOOOO inspiring!!! All the best!