Mail's Here!

I received my first swap item from Candyapple via Swap workshop. It's a cute trinket dish. It's already on my makeup table filled with my favorite jewelry.

I also received whole bag of polymer clay face cabochons, and I can't wait to start creating with them! :)

Looks like a good start for the day! ;)


Monday Moodboard

Yesterday we had a small anniversary, and today I'm still in a bit romantic mood...

Broche mean - black Devil by ArtMind
Lace Shawl by LaimaShop
Custom wedding-anniversary portrait by Artistico
Heart - scented candle holder by kaleda

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Here is a picture taken after our anniversary dinner yesterday.

I apologize for the quality, as it was quite late and dark, but I just wanted to brag about my new necklace. I think most of you will recognize the artist - Nancy van den Boom. Isn't the necklace gorgeous? And it goes perfectly with my dress. ;) My man gave it to me for our anniversary. Aren't I one lucky ducky? :))

Happy Monday, my lovelies! I hope you had a great weekend, too! ;)


Flea Market Finds

This week I got some great finds from the local flea market. Here they are...

A brown suitcase, leather purse, wooden trivet and trinket box. And I spent only 3.30 eur. For all of it! :)) That's around 4.20 usd. Isn't that great?

I'm gonna use the suitcase to store my fabric and leather scraps in, as they don't fit in the drawer anymore.
And cute piggy box is already on my table filled with pins.

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And now I'm off to our anniversary dinner.
Have a great evening! ;)


My very lazy Creative Space

Today it's been slow around here... Finished a pair of earrings, took some pictures, edited some pictures, relisted some items in my Etsy store...

It's impossible to be creative, when this is the view next to me... What do you think? :)) Isn't she the sweetest?

Getting sleepy...

And that's how we sleep... :))

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Happy Thursday, everyone! ;)


Mouse No 3 has arrived :))

Actually, we call him Henry now. ;)

Everybody, please, meet Henry - the latest addition to our softy family.

Henry comes from a long line of colorful and happy Australian mice created by wonderful Hien of With Luv Clementine.
I won Henry in a great giveaway, where there were no losers. Everybody got a mouse from Hien. Isn't she great? ;)

He lives on my table now and has already adapted after the long flight.

Thank you so much, Hien! Your softies really bring joy and happiness to people!


Buckwheat Honey - Necklace

Have you ever tasted buckwheat honey? It's my favorite kind. It's dark in color, rich in taste... with a tiny hint of bitterness. Mmm... Goes perfectly with tea on a warm autumn day, just sitting and watching trees turn golden...

Inspired by these feelings I created bead embroidered necklace perfect for autumn lovers. It has tiger eye cabochon in centre, several shades of bronze seed beads and tasty Czech glass leaves playfully dinging in the free-form fringe as you move.

For more details visit Helmitarha Etsy store.


My Creative Space

It's Trusday again, so it's time for My Creative Space.
This week I'm gonna show you my new fall/winter designs.

Here are some stones I've been working with. The name of the stone is picasso jasper, and I just love the pictures and colors of them.

Matching set coming up...

This set is already available at Helmitarha store on Etsy.

You can but necklace and ring separately, but if you decide to purchase whole set, I'll give you 15% discount.

And more good news for today - Helmitarha has joined Facebook. If you would like to become a fan, please, click here or look for the box on the right side of the blog.

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Happy Creative Thursday, everyone!


Someone is watching you...

I would like to show you my latest bead embroidered pendant. Yes, it again has rubber figurine on it. :)
My man called it Schnappi pendant, but I think The Watch sounds more sophisticated.
Tiny rubber crocodile crawling on a beach stone from the Baltic sea. Also plenty of Japanese seed beads in various colors, natural turquoise beads and red glass beads from India. Faux leather backing, silk rope and small piece of driftwood collected in Finland. That's one crazy mix of materials! :)

Doesn't Schnappi have a mysterious look in his eye? :))

More details in my Etsy store.


Wednesday Wisdom

If you are looking for affordable way to personalize your packaging, e.g. give a personal touch to boring white paper bags, browse for custom made stamps on Etsy. Many sellers offer them at great price, and you can get your logo or business name on it. It's definitely cheaper than using printing services for putting the image on the bag or box.
And you can add some color to it by using colorful inks! ;)

Image credit to terbearco

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Good news!

Good news for my Etsy customers!

From now on FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING by registered air mail on all items in my Etsy store

I'm in a good mood today. Hope you are as well. ;)


Monday Moodboard

No, you didn't oversleep, it's not Valentine's Day yet. :)
But it is 100 heart day for my Etsy store. I'm really happy! 100 is a great number! Thank you, guys! And special thanks to ikabags for the 100th heart! ;)

The Valentine Bird with pure love by sabahnur
Home Slippers by SmilingKnitting
Deep red heart - resin necklace by RenatheSchneider
Red Hearts - hand embroidered buttons by deepindigo

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Have a great week! ;)


My EST Challenge entry

Here is my entry for this week's challenge. The theme is Morocco, so I created these bright and daring Flavors of Morocco earrings.

Spicy mix of deep blue mountain "jade" cabochons, yellow, red, bronze and violet seed beads, copper findings, howlite "turquoise" drops and soft ultrasuede.

You can check all the gorgeous entries here.

Thank you for looking! ;)


Cherry Pie - Necklace

And one more piece I'd like to share with you today is a delicate and very yummy necklace that I created around the cabochon I won in Karyn's recent giveaway.
It was really tricky not to ruin the beauty of the cab, I changed my mind about the seed bead color four times, but I think the result was worth of the trouble.

More details here.

Thank you so much, Karyn, I love your cabochons! They all are beautiful and unique! I'm saving the yellow one for myself! ;)


Forgotten piece

I'm so sorry I didn't show it to you earlier! This is the necklace from My last week's Creative Space.
I decided to call it The Treasures of Ancient River, as it is full of all kinds of goodies - beautiful jasper cabochons, cute rubber hippos and even ammonite fossil!
Hippos are hiding between variety of Japanese seed beads. Did you know that hippopotamus in the ancient Greek means "river horse"?
The necklace turned out to be a bit different than originally planned, but I'm still satisfied with the result. Isn't it fun, when you never know how the end result is gonna look like? :)

Thank you so much ,Karyn, for reminding me about the hippos! ;)

You can find more pictures here.


My Creative Space

Yesterday I received some new supplies - very cute and shiny. :) Here is a small part. I'm planning some evening piece for a very special occasion.

And here is a sneak preview of my entry for this week's European Street Team challenge. The theme is Morocco. Do you like the colors? Can you guess what's it gonna be? ;)

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Wednesday Wisdom

If you attend craft markets and shows on regular basis, you might need to get yourself a light, but durable chair to rest your tired feet between serving the customers. Good places to look for the chair that won't take much space in your car or a chunk of money out of your wallet are stores that sell camping and fishing supplies.
I got mine last year at the end of the season and they cost me around 5 USD a piece. I must say they are more durable than they look, and it takes only 20 seconds to unfold them and less than a minute to put them back in the lovely carrying cases. And you can easily store them in the closet.

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Have a great Wednesday!


Giveaway winner

So, the winner of the giveaway I celebrated my 100 posts and over 60 wonderful followers is....

and finally...

Congratulations to the winner! The message is coming your way, so you can already start thinking which item from my store you'd like to have. ;)

Thank you all for taking part in the giveaway, and don't get upset as there are many more to come. ;)

Oh, and the hand in the third picture is my man's. I don't have so large hands. :))