Mouse No 3 has arrived :))

Actually, we call him Henry now. ;)

Everybody, please, meet Henry - the latest addition to our softy family.

Henry comes from a long line of colorful and happy Australian mice created by wonderful Hien of With Luv Clementine.
I won Henry in a great giveaway, where there were no losers. Everybody got a mouse from Hien. Isn't she great? ;)

He lives on my table now and has already adapted after the long flight.

Thank you so much, Hien! Your softies really bring joy and happiness to people!



Ann said...

Henry looks cute! :)

Hien said...

Oh Henry is a lovely name and he looks so at home! Glad you can welcome him into your home :)

Have a nice day!

JK said...

Oh, looks so very cute.

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Ohhh that's adordable and an Aussie too! I am off to check out the other softies!