Wednesday Wisdom

If you attend craft markets and shows on regular basis, you might need to get yourself a light, but durable chair to rest your tired feet between serving the customers. Good places to look for the chair that won't take much space in your car or a chunk of money out of your wallet are stores that sell camping and fishing supplies.
I got mine last year at the end of the season and they cost me around 5 USD a piece. I must say they are more durable than they look, and it takes only 20 seconds to unfold them and less than a minute to put them back in the lovely carrying cases. And you can easily store them in the closet.

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Have a great Wednesday!



zsazsazsu said...

In september I will attend my first market and this is indeed a very good tip ! Would not be able to stand up for about 10 hours !

Morrgan said...

That's indeed a handy tip, thanks!

Helmitarha said...

You're welcome, ladies! I remember my first market and standing for over 10 hours. I could hardly do second day. I'm glad my tip helped someone! ;)

Naomi said...

Oooh thanks Jana dear, very good tip here! I would probably not even think of this, but it would make things so much more comfortable on those long days! xx

Lucie said...

I would never have thought of that! Thanks for sharing this wise tip!

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Great tip Jana...we actually keep two of these in the back of the car for those "spur of the moment" picnics. Maybe one day I will have a stall at a market selling my wares!