Happy Easter!

I just wanted to share with you some of my Easter preparation pictures.

Spring grass and a bunny.

One more bunny.

And a butterfly. Oh, it's a pity you can't smell the flowers. They smell so good!

Ten colored eggs, one chocolate egg and whole bunch of cute little chicks.

Traditional Easter bread.

And once again the little bunny (and me) wishing you all joyful Easter!!!

See you after the holidays! ;) Have fun!


My Creative Space

Today no beading on my table, as I have lost my inspiration somewhere. To keep myself busy I decided to make more face options for the goddess wholesale order that I'm currently working on. It's always nice, when you have a lot of things to choose from.

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Happy Thursday!


My Spring Swap Gift is here!

Today I received my Etsy European Street Team Secret Spring Swap gift. It arrived from Italy from wonderful Priscilla of I bijoux dello Stregatto.
I was very excited while opening the big envelope and inside I found a very cute package with beautiful hand-drawn tag from Gufobardo, who is also an Italian artist.

I kept unwrapping and inside the blue bag found two smaller light blue packages.

And finally I got to my treasures - very cute butterfly and pearl bookmark and sweet pink glass earrings with heart chain.

And look how perfectly they fit with the top that I am wearing today.

Thank you, dear Priscilla, for the wonderful gifts! And special thanks to Anka of Happy hang around for hosting the game for us!

Happy Spring! :)


Flea Market Finds

I haven't posted anything for Flea Market Finds for ages, but yesterday I finally went to our local flea market and brought home 3 wonderful things.

Metal candle stick. It will be perfect for the bedroom.
Ceramic garlic jar. Isn't it a cutie?
And finally the thing that has been on my thrifting list for a very long time - old typewriter. I found this dusty Underwood in the darkest corner of the market and dragged it home. It needs major cleaning, but I think I can handle it. According to the serial number, it's almost 100 years old. And the coolest thing is - it has Finnish keyboard.
I'm very happy with my finds and I think I need to visit the flea market more often.

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Saturday Shopping Day

This week I have several new things to show you at Saturday Shopping Day with Sandra.

Let's start with two brooches.

Dark Sun has Swaroski crystal centre surrounded by freshwater pearls, Japanese seed beads and cotton lace. Elegant and attention catching.

Central Park Melody is an experimental piece with lace leaf layered over dark red leather and embellishes with mountain jade cabochon and seed beads.

And I can also finally show you the gift that I sent to my secret spring swap partner. It's a bit less crazy version of my Forgotten World. I wanted to make something for every day for my swap partner, who is a wonderful lady and a very talented artist. Wanna know, who she is? Click here to find out! ;)

Enjoy your Saturday! And come back to visit me tomorrow to see fabulous Flea Market Finds. I have something great to show you! ;)


My Creative Space

I haven't been around for a while and I'm feeling very guilty. Spring is the busiest time at my day job, but I'm still trying to do some beading at least an hour a day.

I finally finished my Secret Spring Swap gift and even posted it already.

And I'm also working on a new togetherpiece with wonderful Nancy van den Boom. Here is a little sneak peak. You can see a corner of Nancy's beautiful painting and also very interesting ocean jasper cabochon.

Watch this space for the big reveal. ;)

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Happy Thursday!

I missed you all!