Wednesday Wisdom

Anna and Naomi from The House of Mouse started new great thing this week. It's called Wednesday Wisdom. The main idea is to share great tips on different topics with other crafters.
I also decided to take part. This week I'm gonna share something practical regarding bead embroidery.

If you have white beading foundation, you can color it to match your beads using basic acrylic paints. If you're planning to use transparent glass/stone cabochon or a rhinestone, apply silver tone acrylic paint on the foundation before gluing down your cab. It will give extra sparkle and the color of fabric won't affect the look of your beadwork.

If you also want to participate or find out more great Wednesday tips, click here.



Releases by Rufydoof said...

What a fantastic idea as a weekly post... will be great for when I am stuck for something to write about!

Great tip too - I have done this a few times and it works really well!


Naomi said...

Sorry that I just saw this, but that sounds like a great tip! I use acrylic paints for so many things, and I love mixing a little silver into the other colours for extra sparkle :)

Thanks so much for taking part in Wednesday Wisdom! Can't wait to read your other tips to come, it's great to hear insights from all kinds of crafters :-D xx