Hello! My name is...

Today we had a quite evening with couple of friends and, of course, a discussion on how to name my pretty lady, as it's time to end the giveaway.
All suggested names are nice. And after long debate we decided to vote. The votes spread quite equally as everyone had own preferences, but the winner with 3 votes in total is Fran├žoise suggested by lovely cri-cri. So, now there is one fancy French lady living in my work room. ;)

Congratulations, cri-cri! You will receive a bag full of goodies for your beautiful creations!
Please, send me your address via e-mail.

The rest of you who didn't win this time, don't get upset, as there are another fun giveaways coming soon!

Wishing you all a peaceful evening!



cri-cri said...

thank you so much !! I'm very glad because I like working with gemstones ... I'll show the results on my blog !