Amazing gifts

This summer I've been participating in a secret swap on one of the beading pages I visit time to time. I received a package from Kazakhstan from wonderful girl Eugenia, and it was filled with all kind of goodies. Just look at the picture.

I got beautiful earring and necklace set, magically blue lariat necklace with brooch (how thoughtful knowing that I'm a brooch addict), cute little beaded panda, plenty of stone beads and glass cabs, handmade polymer clay pendant, two magnets with local scenery and two very tasty chocolates (one was already eaten before the picture was taken).
I'm so excited! Secret swaps are great idea! I love surprises!
Now I hope that my package finally reaches the destination.

You can check Eugenia's beadwork album here.

Do you like to take part in any kind of swaps?