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For past three days I've been playing snowflake factory. I pulled out my copy of Sandra's Snowflake book and started beading again. (Two free snowflake patterns by Sandra D Halpenny available here) I've been making these wonderful snowflakes every Christmas for past three years. And guess what, I don't have even one of my own. They all got picked off our Christmas tree by my friends and relatives. So, this year I've decided to send some snowflakes along with Christmas cards, so they leave my tree alone. :)

Still long way to go...

Have you already started decorating for the holidays?
I pulled some decorations out of the closet last weekend...

Now I can burn candles in the work room and enjoy the warm light.

Meet my reindeer farm. I love this metal reindeer mobile that is now hanging between the living room and entrance. And those couple of bright dots on blue in the background are star lights in the bedroom.
It's dark and cold in Finland, so we're trying to cheer up with early Christmas decorations. :)

This week there is no Creative Space post at kootoyoo and the next one will be only in January, but I think I'll still keep posting My Creative Space.

Enjoy your evening!



Lucie said...

Your snowflakes are so cute, no wonder they're stolen from your tree, hehe...and I like your reindeers mobile very much :)

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Oh they are so cute - thanks for sharing the link. As you know I have been making snowflakes too so will definitely give these a go.

Your reinderer are adorable and I love your candle lantern!!


happyment said...

Love you snowflakes!