Welcome to new home, Hammie!

Today I received the cutest little package from lovely Swee of Swiedebie.

Inside the package was my new little friend - Hammie. He's gonna live in my purse and guard the keys to the house. :)

Package was full of nice things, Swee always pays great attention to details and all her creations are full of love and positive vibes.

Thank you so much, Swee! Hammie is feeling fine after the trip and we both send you big warm hugs!

Swee is offering free worldwide shipping on all items in her fabulous store till July 28! Don't miss out on this great offer! Visit her store here!



Anonymous said...

I am very glad he reaches you safe and sound. Thank you for the feature, and heeheeeeee... I love the bit where you feed him with his favie snack! ;)

Carrie said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! Best of luck :)

Love Swee's hamster creation; he looks very happy to be in his new home with you ;)

Nafsika said...

what a sweet gift!!!