European Street Team Challenge

As you all know the winner of last week's challenge is Gia from oneperfectday. She doesn't have a blog of her own yet, so this week's challenge will also be hosted on my blog.
Now I'll give the word to Gia to tell you about the new topic.

Having the great joy of picking this weeks theme and looking for a summery topic that would fit the heatwave we have been having here in Greece, my thoughts turned to swimsuits, the beach and summer colours.
So it was no contest realy: scantily clad women, brilliant summer colours and glamour as well?
It had to be a Gil Elvgren pin-up!

Gil Elvgren was one of the most popular of the pin-up artists of the 20th century with a career spaning over four and a half decades, and my personal favourite. His girls and women were not so much femme fatales as gorgeous girls-next-door, glamourous as can be with a playful glint in their eye.
Please use these images to inspire you to create what you will.
I can't wait to see what comes in.

Also a big thank you to helmitahra blog for hosting the challenge again!!

You can send your entries to oneperfectday through Etsy convo.
Good luck and great inspiration to everybody!

As many of our wonderful team members are on holiday, the new deadline for the challenge is Monday, August 9.

Here's the very first entry of the Pin-up challenge by zsazsazsu.
It's a beautiful modern, minimalistic necklace to adorn the voluptuous cleavage of our pin-up and bring her straight into the 21st century!

Our second entry is from LeelaBijou .It's the Full Of Roses necklace inspired by the red colour that Gil Elvgren favoured.
Wouldn't it look great on any pin-up?

Next entry in is helmitahra's Nobody Can Pinch Me Brooch.
She's used part of Gil Elvgren's 1946 Nobody Can Pinch Me poster, black velvet ribbon and all the appropriate pin-up trimmings to make a clever pin-up brooch!

Our next entry is by sexyhandmade.The flirty, flouncy mixed red Gil Elvegren pin-up hand cuff is appropriately embellished with a lovely red flower as well as a cocktail charm- both musts for a pin-up.

Now here comes Staroftheeast's entry Pin it up Girl Necklace brooch. Pin-up style with a twist using Barbie the original pin-up girl and genuine pin-up accesories in a startlingly original way!

The BroochBoutique has entered The Large Sparkling Black Tulle Corsage brooch. This black tulle extravaganza, complete with the necessary glittering touch of pearl and beads would be proudly added to any pin-ups wardrobe.

And here is my very own take on the pin-up: florals, stripes, polka dots, curves,reds and whites and of course ruffles! I give you the Pin-Up Purse In Reds by oneperfectday!

The following entry is Cowgirl Glamour.Bib Necklace. Fluxplay has taken a Gil Elvgren pin-up cowgirl and re-cycled her to a modern-day Western-style acessory_all the time keeping the original pin-up as well as it's freshness.

Next comes Nancyvdboom with a locket designed to rest on a pin-up's luscious cleavage.
It's double-sided and it has two tiny oil paintings of -what else- a pin-up! Two long pin-up legs on one side and a signature red pin-up pout on the other.

The following entry is Toosis' Gold Coated Silver Ring With Black Onyx And Pearl. Our first ring entry to grace the beautiful pin-up's hands and add to the glamour girl's sparkle.

And next is alatvian with her entry- Your Majesty- a pair of gold and crystal earings that dangle and shimmer. Another touch of allure for our pin-up.

Up next is Yellow crochet Roses Hairpins by creationsbyeve.
Bright yellow crocheted roses modelled by our very own pin-up herself. What a great pin-up accessory!

One more entry for our challenge comes from nauli. It's a handmade cd case titled Kiss From A Pin-Up Girl in a typical pin-up combination of red and white and sealed with a pin-up's signature red lipstick!

Just before the closing of this challenge comes an entry by arctida. It's the Darlene necklace with citrine, garnet and rubies inspired by Gil Elvgren's Darleen pin-up and made with those plunging pin-up cleavages in mind.


SoleDeVita said...

Very interesting challenge! I am not sure this is for me.. But you never know. Maybe I'll think something out. Good luck everybody! :))

Helmitarha said...

The new theme is very exciting! But I also have no clue what to make. Need to think...

gr8jewellery said...

Congrats to Gia on winning the challenge and thanks Jana for hosting it once more! :)

Kreativlink said...

Congrats! Now that's a fresh theme for the challenge! Hehehe... great! I'll try to come up with something!

Fluxplay Jewellery. said...

Hmmm, tricky. But I like it! Good one. Now, lets see....

oneperfectday said...

Thanks guys! Can't wait to see your entries!

Star of the East said...

I've made mine will list it tomorrow :) Fun theme!

sexyhandmade said...

Congrats and great theme! Thought it will be hard to figure out something, but I did, will post this evening :)

oneperfectday said...

These are great guys! Anyone else?

Nancy van den Boom said...

I've made mine too....;-) was so much fun, so different this time! Will send the entry this evening!

matchstickgirl said...

eeeheeehee what a fantastic theme!!!!!!!!!

Star those legs are hysterical !!! i bet theyre funny when you walk !!!! and I love the little rose necklace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy van den Boom said...

I emailed you my entry Gia!
Hope you like it!
Nancy x

Nauli said...

Hi, our entry is listed and blogged. Sent Gia a convo, too.
This challenge is fun!

Arctida said...

What a fun theme! I loved looking through Gil Elvgren's work for inspiration and later having a photo session, trying to make my own pin-up picture :)