Monday Moodboard

Yesterday I was freezing some cranberries for winter, and today I have craving for all kinds of berries. Hmmm... I think a nice berry pie might solve that. Who's in? :)

Fresh Raspberries in a Basket - 1/12 miniature by PetitPlat
thumbelina and the berry patch adventure by matchstickgirl
Fine Art Polaroid Photograph 8x8 inch - Strawberries by starrybluesky
Cranberry Pearl Cluster Bracelet by AMIdesigns

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Tasty Monday, everybody! And a wonderful creative week ahead! ;)



SoleDeVita said...

So Fresh and Juicy! :)
Lovely berries!

Anonymous said...

Yummmmmmm! Makes me smile to see this. Looks like a very heartwarming welcome to the coming festive season too.
Well done.

Have a happy week!

Helmitarha said...

Thank you, sweeties! ;) xoxo

Lucie said...

Oh yummy red berries!

lilydoveandchouchou said...

so juicy - lovely!

Sue Paine said...

Beautiful sweet red berries!

Nauli said...

What tasty berries for the wintertime..
Wish you a great week!