Inspired by...

Do you remember the swap I recently participated in? If no, then let me remind you that I swapped a pair of bright bead embroidered earrings for a beautiful felted brooch by Dagmara Buczek.

I enjoy this brooch very much and wear it almost every day. And this beautiful color combo just doesn't leave my mind, so I made a pair of earrings with similar design of the ones I swapped, but in the color scheme of the brooch that I received. Sounds complicated. :)) But take a look, this is the result.

And, of course, I named them after the beautiful lady, whose creation inspired me. You can see more pictures of Dagmara Earrings and read the description here.

If you haven't tried doing swaps yet, you definitely should! They are fun and very inspirational!

Happy swapping! ;)



LeelaBijou said...

Very beautiful earrings and brooch! It´s so cool you felt inspired by the swap :)

imagine said...

I'm very suprised!
And happy...
It's a honour for me!
Thank you Jana:)

Helmitarha said...

Thank you, Leela!

Daga, I'm glad you like them! I love your brooch and it makes me smile every day I wear it! :)

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Ohh they are gorgeous - such vibrant colours. Are they buttons that you have used?


Helmitarha said...

Thank you, Karyn! I'm in love with this color combo! Yes, those are big vintage buttons that I turned into "cabochons". :) (he-he) I like buttons!