Just for Fun - keychains and charms

When I get a bit tired from my bigger projects, in order to relax I usually make some small embroidered pieces for my friends and family. Usually I don't even manage to take pictures of them. This time I've decided to make something to put in my store, so here is couple of keychains and a funny bag charm.

Something elegant and sophisticated. Simple lines. Tigereye cabochon.

Something fresh and earthy. Spring sprout. Unakite cabochon.

And something completely not in my style. Just for fun. With shiny sequin eyes. =)



Michelle said...

Oh they are really Beautiful!!!!

kulta-kulta said...

Thank you, Michelle! :)

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Oh I love these - what a fantastic idea. These would make great gifts!


kulta-kulta said...

Thank you, Karyn! This is my first batch for sale, as all my relatives and friends already have at least one. =) And I really enjoy making them!