Going simple - two new necklaces

Recently I've been working mostly with custom orders and my Etsy store didn't have anything new to show, so I set aside some time and made couple of new necklaces in my good old simplistic design. Not too much embroidered elements, but I like going simple from time to time.
These two are very different, but both look quite impressive when you put them on with appropriate outfit.

Blue one is rather bold - I used dyed jade cabochon, Japanese seed beads and 10 mm howlite beads.

Creamy one is more delicate, as I used plenty of mother-of-a-pearl (cabochon, beads, chips) in combination with small rice freshwater pearls and tiny Japanese seed beads.
Now for my Etsy customers I offer free matching pair of earrings (worth 12 USD) with the purchase of this necklace.

Visit my Etsy store for more details.


Ram said...

both the necklaces are simply beautiful.. :)

Helmitarha said...

Thank you, Ram!

Michelle said...

Very Beautiful,
I also love going simple sometimes,
even this don`t seem simple to me at all!!!

Helmitarha said...

Thank you, Michelle! Creating simple designs is my way to relax between bigger projects. If I can complete a piece in less than a day, I call it simple. =)

Unicornio said...

Fantastic necklaces!!

Helmitarha said...

Thank you! ;)