Forest Goddess at New Home

You have already met Forest Goddess that I created for fellow artist Mags in my previous post.

Last Friday she arrived at the new home and Mags started working on creating a necklace with her. I was so excited and curious about the result. Would you like to see how the goddess looks now? Click HERE to visit Mags. I think she's done a great job and I also hope she enjoys this necklaces for many wonderful years! ;)

Have a great Sunday!



Rita alias alatvian said...

Great job both of you!
YAY for cooperation!

Annuk said...

I love the way Mags incorporated your wonderful Forest Goddess into an astonishing necklace! Great job, girls :)!!!

Mags said...

I really, really love my forest goddess, and, all the necklace came out so mine! Thank you again, dear Jana! It is my treasure.

Nancy van den Boom said...

Both Jana and Mags, you did a lovely job together. The goddess is cherished, and that is great to see! Congratz, ladies!