Saturday Shopping Day

For several days I've been away from my computer and creative corner. Some of you already know that my precious little baby-dog is ill and we've been shuttling between the vet and home most of this time. Today she's feeling a bit better and I have a free minute to show you some of my recent creations.

It's a shorter version from one of my most popular designs.

Bracelet with agate and beaded beads. Custom order.

And finally the necklace with agate slice, agate cabochons, black onyx, vintage glass scarabs and a lot of seed beads. Backed with black natural leather. Quite large and heavy piece.
I still don't have a name for it. Do you have any great ideas?

Visit Sandra and find other beautiful items created this week! ;)

Enjoy your weekend!



Annuk said...

Dear Jana, once again your creations are absolutely fabulous! And the agate-slice necklace is awesome!!!
But most of all I want to wish you all the best with your precious little Liisa, I know how it feels when our little furry babies are ill, it's heartbreaking. I hope she's doing better now and please give her a huge kiss for me!!!!!

zsazsazsu said...

I hope your doggy is getting better !
The necklace : It's a mighty powerfull and interesting black beauty !

Nancy van den Boom said...

Dear Jana, every time you surprise us with your creations. Amazing!
I hope Liisa is doing better now, and you can be in your creative corner more often. I know you love it there, but only when all is well with the lovely Lady Liisa.
xox Nancy

Deb said...

Sorry to hear about your little doggy, hope he gets better soon. Love all of your designs but especially the agate slice necklace. Not much good at names but something along the lines of "Urban Rock"! Stunning work!

Lucie said...

Dear Jana, I hope your cute little dog will be better :)
That black necklace is absolutely fabulous! :D

meh-crame said...

Dear Jana,
The necklace looks magical!
I am a big fan of Harry Potter books,
and it reminded me of stones mentioned in the book. it is always a pleasure to see your art.

Releases by Rufydoof said...

What about SPECTACULAR? Wow that is one awesome necklace. Such a interesting piece - definitely a piece of wearable art. You are such a talented little thing!

Karyn ♥

Nancy van den Boom said...

"Agaat Statement Piece" .....?

indigo heart said...

how about 'raven's wing'? hope dear little liisa is better soonest.