Saturday Shopping Day

Today is another wonderful shopping day with Sandra. And here are the things that I finished this week.

Seeds and Pods Cuff with ceramic focal and freshwater pearls for Etsy European Street Team Weekly Challenge, also hosted by Sandra. :)

Custom made Forest Goddess for Finnish jewelry artist - Mags. She sent me this beautiful ocean jasper cabochon and asked for a very special goddess, which would remind her of Finnish forests and brooks. The goddess is already with Mags and she will make a very special necklace using goddess as focal element. I can't wait to see the result! And, of course, I will share it with you, when it's ready. ;)

Inspirational pictures by Urpo A. Tarnanen and Erkki Toivanen.

I am also very proud to present the third Togethrpiece with wonderful Nancy van den Boom - Summer in Holland Cuff. It features miniature poppy oil painting lovingly created by Nancy, which I later embellished with Japanese seed beads in two shades of red, blue and tarnished silver.

The outside of the cuff is covered with light red leather and the inside is lined with soft blue ultrasuede.
Every time I work with one of Nancy's tiny paintings, the ideas start dancing in my head and my heartbeat gets faster. She is such a wonderful artist and great inspiration! I hope you love this cuff as much as I do! ;)

And the last piece of this week is an experimental Midnight Blues brooch with lace, leather, vintage rhinestone and a bit of seed beads.

I hope you enjoyed the shopping tour! Visit Sandra to see more of beautiful pieces from this week! ;)

Have a lovely weekend!



Nancy van den Boom said...

Midnight lovely, with that star in the heart of the brooch! Great to see your contribution to Saturday Shopping again, Jana. And ofcourse I am very proud to see our Togetherpiece here too! ;-)
Have a wonderful Saturday!

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Gorgeous - I love both of the cuffs. You and Nancy are such a great team - beautiful pieces from the two of you!

Karyn ♥

Leena said...


Helmitarha said...

Thank you, lovely ladies! I'm melting from your compliments... :)

Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

Fantastic pieces!!!!!!!! pretty colours!!!!!

Angel.Pearls said...

Adorable 'together-piece'!! Wish you a nice weekend/Eva

Annuk said...

Dear Jana, your Saturday Shopping Day has become a favorite appointment for me... :) I know you will always surprise us with amazing new art pieces! And once again the outcome stands up to the expectations!!! I agree with Leena... you are SO talented! And the collaboration work with Nancy is... well, as I already said before... a match made in heaven!
I particularly love the Forest Goddess... she's really an expression of the magic of the Finnish forests and nature!

Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie! :)

KJ said...

You were productive! I am happy that I finished a piece today that I started in February. Of course I made 16 pieces in between.

They are all compliment worthy, but I love those miniature paintings.

zsazsazsu said...

Hi Jana,

terrific pieces again this week ! Worked a lot so to see !
Have a great weekend !

Mags said...

Thank you so much for the mystic pendant, Jana!! Now she is in my necklace to be seen, I love her :-D