My Creative Space

Today it's very cold outside. When I woke up it was -28C and I decided to work from home. As I've already managed to finish all the paperwork for the day, now I can move on to my creative space.

So, here you can see what's happening on my table right now.
I am working on a large necklace with labradorites. The first element is almost finished.

I was also playing with my stones earlier and decide to make a sketch for warm red necklace. Now I need to find suitable seed beads and start working on it.

And this is my 100% natural lap warmer. She likes to cuddle on my lap under the blankie while I'm making jewelry.

How do you stay warm during the coldest days?

For other creative (and hopefully much warmer) spaces, visit Kirsty! ;)



Nadja said...

We have 10 degrees and crocuses in the foregarden...and we are only a few 2000 kilometers apart... keep on going! spring is on its way!

Annuk said...

OMG that's COLD!!! I'm visting my cousin at the seaside right now, it's rainy and windy but +10! In the Alps it's still wintry but above 0 and first primroses blooming! Here on the Riviera all is in bloom, especially the mimosa! Hang on, spring is not far :)!!!
Beautiful new creations on their way, I see!!! Great work as always, Jana :)! And I really LOVE your sweeeeeet lap warmer!!!!!!

karuski said...

I have added wood to our fireplace this week to get some extra warmness. Our cats found a nice place for naps, behind the electric heater (patteri). :)


Helmitarha said...

I like winter, but when it's this long and sooo cold I'm really looking forward to spring! :)
Thank you for your comments, ladies! They'll keep me warm! ;) xoxoxo

Carrie said...

Cutest lap warmer ever! I adore seeing your working progress - it just further shows how much detail and effort goes into each piece - fabulous - much love x

Releases by Rufydoof said...

My gosh how can you even attempt to go outside when it is that cold?

I love the look of your two pieces - especially the laboradite one... can't wait to see them finished!

Karyn ♥