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Today I'm working on a necklace in gentle pink, cream and gold. So far it's looking good. I really hope I can finish it this week.

I am absolutely in love with those fossil corals, the color mix is so delicate. Central metal element is an old earring. I think I'll make the backing and add some cute little fringe with corals and maybe pearls.

Today I'm also organizing my brooch box. Here it is.

I looove my new pins from SoleDeVita! They are so cute! I enjoy every small detail of her amazing work! If you still don't own a pair, you must visit her store!

Other creative spaces at Kirsty's.

Happy Thursday! ;)



AmyandPia said...

Ooh pretty pretty things :-)

Belinda Saville said...

Oh, that necklace is going to be amazing, Jana! I absolutely adore the soft pastels tones you're using. Really beautiful :-) Your brooch box is amazing, what a collection!


Leena said...

Amazing! Are you organising any courses on this type of jewelry making?

Helmitarha said...

Thank you, Amy!

Belinda, thank you, I think I'm addicted to pastels. :)
And that's just the first layer of my brooch box. :))

Helmitarha said...

Thank you, Leena!
I've been thinking about putting together a course or at least a tutorial, but my Finnish is not very good and I'm not sure if people here would be interested in English one. But I can give you a private master-class, if you like. ;)

Leena said...

Oh. That would be great! Let´s think about it! I know the basics of jewelry making but I have not been working with peyotes etc. almost at all.

Helmitarha said...

Couple of times I've given private lessons on bead embroidery, but I know many other techniques besides that. ;) I can teach you peyote, crocheting with beads, ndebele, etc. Now you need to make a list of things you'd like to learn and we can figure something out! ;)

Annuk said...

Oh that necklace already looks amazing!!! I love the soft pastels and the work, I'm always amazed at your wonderful technique and the designs you are able to achieve!
And I LOVE your brooch box, Jana! Can you lend me some of your brooches ;)? LOL!

Helmitarha said...

Thank you, sweet Anna! I'm already attaching the backing to the necklace. :)
Sure I can lend you some brooches, come over and we'll have fabulous brooch party! ;)

Nauli said...

Looks like a challenge entry with winner quality...

SoleDeVita said...

That will be another masterpiece!
Bravo, Girl! Looks fabulous! :)

P.S. Thaaaaaaaank you for good words! oxoxox

OnePerfectDay said...

I love coral, and those lovely delicate hues you're working with!

Carrie said...

Oh Jana - you are just too talented, what gorgeousness you surround yourself with everyday :)

karuski said...

Wow, your work is amazingly detailed. You must be a patient person!


Pretty Things said...

That's just gorgeous!