My Creative Space

Nothing much has been going on lately at my creative space, but I have a new thimble display that I can brag about. :) Check out this cute little box with glass door and tiny latch! Not all of my thimbles could fit in there, but that's why I have an old re-purposed printer drawer for the rest of my collection.

And this is the corner, where my jewelry goes to show out and shine a little, before I pack each piece in the bag and put in the storage drawer.
On the big mannequin you can see a corner of my latest piece - pendant with ammonite and very shiny crystal. It will be available in my store later today. ;)

Hmmm... What else?

Wanna know, what am I going to do in the evening?
This! Sounds yummy, right? And I have all ingredients in my fridge!

Thank you, dear Frances, for this amazing recipe that I'm about to try! ;)

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Annuk said...

LOOOVE your creative space!!! Looks a lot tidier than mine ;) LOL! I love your mannequins!
And that risotto with pear, walnuts and pecorino... wow, sounds yummy!!! BUON APPETITO!!!!

Helmitarha said...

Thank you, Anna! My worktable is not that tidy, but I'm trying to keep it as clean as possible. ;)
I just finished my dinner and the risotto was sooo delicious! It's a secret recipe of Italian Nonnas. ;)

OnePerfectDay said...

You're so organized!
I'm green with envy....
That recipe sounds delicious!

Helmitarha said...

Thank you, Gia! I'm trying to keep my workspace clean, that's why I even got smaller table. Smaller table=smaller mess. :D