Autumn Market Finds

Today we visited the Big Autumn Market that takes places every year in our local sport hall. Besides the regular tasty bread, candies and cheese, we also brought home some other treasures.

I found beautiful agate slabs and slices. I'm still wondering, how did I manage to limit myself to 5 pieces only. Usually I don't leave without at least half a kilo of stones. :) I'm planning to use them for rings and necklaces. The big black slice is almost 12 cm long. That's gonna be a challenge!

Then I also met very friendly and talkative elderly lady, who had a table full of felted gnomes. We chatted a bit and then I picked a gnome for myself. It's a very special Christmas gnome that will guard my cookie jar. It sits on a piece of wood and has the funniest white beard.

I also met my favorite vintage home decoration seller and couldn't resist buying this candy jar for the kitchen. While I was unpacking groceries, the jar got filled with candies and settled on the counter.

It was interesting and fun day. Buying handmade makes me happy every time, as besides the item itself you also get a lot of positive energy and happy thoughts!
Now it's tea time in our house. See you soon!
Hope that you also had a wonderful day!



baahar said...

Oh, I love that gnome !!

ingermaaike said...

Ooog the nose sticking out on the gnome, so fun!

Those stones look.....njummmmm! as does the candy jar :)

Rita alias alatvian said...

Lovely finds!

Helmitarha said...

Thank you, girls!
My dog is trying to hunt the gnome. I thinks it looks threatening to her and she's got suspicious. :)

Nancy van den Boom said...

Jana, the Gnome is lovely! Please take care Liisa doesnt grab him! I am looking forward to your new pieces with the slices of stone. Thanks for sharing dear.

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Gorgeous finds Jana. I especially love the agate slices. I have a few of my own but not as large as 12cm... can't wait to see what you do with that beauty!


ayawedding said...

gorgeous stones:)
the gnome is so pretty
lovely candies
christmas joy is coming:)