Night's Rest

I love Art Nouveau style. I love Riga. And I love Eisenstein's architecture! If you haven't seen his buildings, you simply must find time to visit Riga centre. The feeling of that time always fascinates and inspires me.

My another Art Nouveau passion is Alfons Mucha's art. His image of a woman has some special vibe, some special mood...

This time I created a bracelet using a fragment of Mucha's lithograph from his "The Times of the Day" series. I covered the image with thick glass creating a "cabochon" look and then embroidered around it using Japanese seed beads. I used lightweight metal base for the cuff and covered it with artificial leather from outside and ultrasuede from inside.

This is my special spring celebration bracelet. Therefore I have special offer for my Etsy customers - purchase this bracelet and receive a FREE GIFT - pair of bead-woven earrings in matching colours. Let's celebrate spring together! =)


Rabbit Liza said...

I also like Alfons Mucha's art :-) And I like your bracelet :-) Wish you a happy spring time! I can feel by the colors of your last works that spring came to you already ;-)

kulta-kulta said...

Hey, we have one more thing in common. ;) That's great!
There is still snow on the ground, but spring is already in my heart! And I'm celebrating! =) Wish you warm and sunny spring, too! ;)