Dryad Bracelet

Dryads are nymps of the wood in Greek mythology. This bracelet reminds me of forest with tall trees and mysterious sounds.
This was quite long project. I've had these lovely green cabs for ages, but I had no idea where to use them. And then one day while playing around in my "treasure box" they just formed a straight line and finally the inspiration came. I tried to create the feeling of deep green moss carpet under mighty trees. I used beautiful matte seed beads and combined them with shiny hemalyke beads. For the backing I used artificial leather in black colour.
Several creative evenings and here it is - my green treasure. =)


Rabbit Liza said...

Nice colors and the bracelet really reminds of trees, forests and mistic creatures. I like it :-)

kulta-kulta said...

Thank you! =)

Unicornio said...

Fantastic, very elegant!!!!

kulta-kulta said...

Thank you! I'm usually struggling with green tones in my projects, but this time it came naturally. =)