New life of an old suitcase

Last Saturday I bought this suitcase from a local flea market for only 2 euros. By its appearance and construction I would suggest it comes from 80's. Although the condition of the case was almost perfect. I decided I'm gonna make some jewelry storage out of it. So, I bought some supplies, including 1 meter of waxed fabric, a jar of contact glue, dug out of my scrap box several kinds of decorative ribbons and ropes, couple of sheets of scrapbooking paper, plus, two evenings of hard work on the living room floor... and here is the result.

That's how the case looked when I just brought it home. You can even see the price tag. :)

Look from the inside.

Some of supplies I used.

And this is the new look. I'm especially proud of the decorative rope going all around the corners and closures. That took ages, but it also gives the case completely finished look. :)

I used waxed fabric to protect the case from moisture, and it's also very easy to clean.

And finally here is the inside - thick scrapbooking paper and some ribbon did the trick.

I have one more way older suitcase in storage waiting for its transformation. I already bought some white fake leather and waiting for metal parts to arrive from US. Stay tuned for more luggage transformations. =)