Flea Market Finds

I've had some great finds this week. Take a look at my new treasures.

My Flea Market finds this week include:
  • beautiful porcelain cake tray that I'm going to use as jewelry display;
  • black wire napkin holder (maybe I'll paint it white, but haven't decided yet);
  • Muurla vase (I have bigger one just like that, so now I have a set). Yay! :)
I also bought some pretty cool items for my dolls, you can see them at my other blog - My Doll Cabinet.

And a bonus photo - it's not easy to take pictures with dogs in the house. :D

Other beautiful finds at Her Library Adventures.

See you next week! ;)



Nancy van den Boom said...

You have such a good nose for these lovely finds on flea markets! Again such lovely items, Jana! Congratulations and enjoy! xxx

Helmitarha said...

Thank you, dear! Flea market shopping is such an addiction! I just love digging for those treasures. :D I have even more of them waiting the turn to be photographed. ;)

Vintage Scapes said...

That napkin holder is really cute, I'd love to see it in a neon color! Also, I didn't know the name of the glass vase, I think I've seen them around before but never knew what it was.
Oh how I long to make my way to your part of the world and thrift away!