Wedding Photoes

We've finally received the CD with our wedding pictures and I'd like to share with you some of my favourites. ;)

Beautiful flowers and rings.

Getting ready for the big day...

Last minute ironing. :))

Our baby-dog was quite stressed because of all the people running around in the house.

Waiting for the groom. :)

The ceremony.

Happily married.

Enjoying the rain in the park.

Dinner time.

The venue was gorgeous!

I hope you enjoyed the moments of our special day!

Thanks for visiting!



Annuk said...

You happy lovebirds!!!! You are shining with happiness!!!!!! Such beautiful memories of your Happy Day!
Thanks for sharing and lots of joy and happiness for you both!


Amy said...

Enjoyed this very much! Thanks for sharing and wishing you many years of happiness!

KJ said...

I really enjoyed the pictures. You were a lovely bride. I still love the photos with the umbrella, they make me smile.

Nancy van den Boom said...

Such beautiful pictures Jana and Teemu! Memories of a wonderful day. Nice to see the pictures of your wedding! You were a beautiful bride!

Lariata said...

You are so beautiful! Wish you many years of happiness and love! :) And photos are incredible.

Carrie said...

stunning and so intimate looking. I adore the whit and blue colour theme and the grooms balloon bonquet so much. You looked so beautiful and so happy :)

Helmitarha said...

Oh, thank you, lovely ladies, for all the nice compliments and wishes!
I'm so happy you shared my joy!

dollgal said...

Thanks for sharing these photos. So lovely indeed, and your hat is beautiful. Is it vintage? I wish you much happiness.

Helmitarha said...

Thank you, dollgal! Unfortunately my headpiece is not vintage, I actually made it myself just couple of days before the wedding. :)

Sharon said...

How beautiful! Thank you for sharing your magical day.

SoleDeVita said...

Vai man Dieniņ'! Kur biju es, ka šīs bildes ieraidziju tikai tagad? :D
Es protams atkārtošos, bet Jūs izskatāties vienkārši kolosāli. Vēlu Jums abiem daudz daudz laimes, pacietības, sapratnes un protams MĪLESTĪBAS! xoxox

Helmitarha said...

Thank you, Sharon! xo

Helmitarha said...

Vai, mīļš paldies, saulīt!!! xoxoxo