My Creative Space

Today I'm working on custom orders and also trying to finish the gift for my secret winter swap friend.
I'm not going to show you the work in progress, but I'll show you the seed beads that I'm using for the surprise piece.

I know that she might be watching. :) Hang on, dear secret friend, your gift is almost on the way. :)

To see other creative spaces and play along, visit kootoyoo.

Enjoy your Thursday evening!



zsazsazsu said...

lucky one your secret partner ...

Astrid said...

What great beads! It all looks very festive!

Naomi said...

Ooooh pretty beads! :-D
I missed the swap, so there's no chance they could be for me :-( But good luck with your swap partner anyway!!

Helmitarha said...

Thank you, my lovelies!

Naomi, maybe next time swap fairy will send me your name and then I can make something very special to accent those gorgeous eyes! ;)

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Ohhh I missed out on the swap too... but then again I don't sell on Etsy so that could be why lol!

Anyhooo your swap partner is one lucky person... I'd love another of your pieces!


ana @ i made it so said...

hi jana, i love the earth tones of those beads. so curious now what you're making.