Workroom makeover

Here are couple of workroom pictures "before" and "after" my small painting job. The room is always quite crowded as I share it with my significant other, who happens to be a construction engineer, which means that there are tonnes of paper with drawings, plans and calculations lying

That's how it looked before. Not much colour.

And this is the "after" picture. I've already cluttered it a little, but it belongs to the creative spirit, right? =)
We had many different opinions from our friends and relatives about the colour choice. Of course, it would be safer to stick with some mild green of light blue, but that wouldn't be crazy enough. And we are at the point in life, when we really need something a bit crazy to keep things going. =)

Couple of details...

The far corner of my table with small storage drawers for beads and findings.

Seed bead drawer.

My computer corner, new pin-board and couple of bookshelves.

And this is my new lady-friend. We call her Margret. I got her from local mall, when they were having equipment sale from recently closed clothes shop. She's wearing one of my old pieces with beautiful amethyst cabochon.

And these are my spying mice - gift from a friend. They are lying on my treasure boxes and watching me working.

I hope you enjoyed quick tour in my workroom. Maybe later I could show you more of my storage solutions. Stay tuned! ;)